Best Bedroom Pop Artists : Top 10 of 2021

Best Bedroom Pop Artists : Top 10 of 2021
15th November 2021 sandra
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Bedroom Pop is now one of the most important genres in the indie ecosystem with a bunch of bedroom pop artists rising all over the world. We’ve been listening to a lot of new music this year (as you might guess) and we’ve created a playlist with our essentials:

1. Clairo

A bedroom pop ranking couldn’t exist without her. She’s the queen of this concept. Clairo became famous with her lo-fi pop song “Pretty Girl” in 2017 with a homemade video and the song was also produced in her room. After receiving all this attention, she signed a record deal and released her first EP “diary 001”, followed by Immunity. This year she has released Sling, in this new album she gets much more intimate, exploring the folk sound while experimenting with cozier atmospheres.


2. Still Woozy

Let’s say that Still Woozy is the psychedelic side of bedroom pop, altough sometimes it doesn’t sound psychedelic at all. Still Woozy started making music with his rock band Feed Me Jack but after a while, they decided to pursue their solo careers. His first single was “Vacation” and after experimenting with his sound and releasing an EP, this year he decided to release his first LP “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is” that was produced in his home studio garage. In this album, he reflects his need for love but it is blocked by his fears and anxieties.

3. Girl In Red

girl in red started to release her music on Soundcloud. Her first single ” I wanna be your girlfriend” got a lot of clout really quickly. In 2019, AWAL decided to sign her and in 2021 she released her album “if i could make it go quiet”.

In the Tik Tok community, she’s a queer icon and she also got more fame after the question “do you listen to girl in red?”  became popular in the platform as a way of asking women if they’re bisexual or lesbian.



4. Hobo Johnson

Hobo Johnson got kicked out of his house by his father at the age of 19. At age 15, Lopes began performing music and hip-hop. He came up with his stage name “Homeless Johnson” but soon made it “Hobo Johnson” while living in his car, a 1994 Toyota Corolla, and named his 2015 debut album in honor of his car. In 2016, he released the album “The Rise of Hobo Johnson” independently but he made a couple of tweaks and re-released it in 2017. In 2021 he released his new album “Hobo Johnson alienates his fanbase”


5. Ritt Momney

Ritt was previously in a band but his mates departed to become LDS missionaries. After their decision, Ritt started his solo career and decided to upload a version of the popular hit “Put your records on” 

In 2021 he released his new album “Sunny Boy” where he consolidates his indie-pop sound whiletalking about being hopeful in the middle of despair, that’s why we think that the title encapsulates the album perfectly.

6. Dayglow

Dayglow started releasing music in 2016 under the alias “KINDRED” but in 2017 he decided to re-brand himself and start releasing music under the name of “Dayglow”. That same year “Can I call you tonight?” became a hit with golden certification included. In 2021 he released his new album “Harmony House” which he wrote, produced, and mixed in his own house.


7. Remi Wolf

Remi is one of the revelations of this year. Her funky style and crazy visuals combined with a chaotic yet coherent and powerful production make her a must in this list. Her LP “Juno” sounds colorful, fresh, and crazy, in general.

8. Claud

Claud (they/them) is an American bedroom pop artist. They left their degree to pursue music full-time. They are the first artist that got signed with Phoebe Bridgers’ record label.  A few months later, their debut album ‘Super Monster’ was released. Their music could be described as a combination between the alt-rock of ’90s, pop of ’00s, and the topics that concern gen-z right now.




He first received recognition after the release of his 2019 single “Honeypie”, and was signed to Interscope Records in January 2020. Then he made his major-label debut with the mixtape For Abby in 2020. In 2021, he released The Story Of Hugo an EP which is fairly crazy too.

“That project—October’s part-album, part-mixtape, part narrative art project For Abby—was the fictionalized story of a man who was in a relationship, blew it, regretted it and is trying to get the titular Abby back. But something was missing” So The Story of Hugo is a prequel for his first EP, the other side of the story.

His alt-pop style is highly creative, he doesn’t stick to a genre and we love that!


10. PinkPantheress

We couldn’t talk about our new favorite artist without including her. While she was studying at the university, in London, she started to upload her songs to Tik Tok and she got attention really quickly. After that, Parlophone and ElektraRecors signed the project in order to help her reach the next level.  Her style couldn’t be defined as one genre because she mixes elements from jungle, dnb, and pop. After her success on Tik Tok, she released ‘to hell with it’, her first album.


11. Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo didn’t release new music in 2021 but we love Wachito Rico so much that he had to be on the list too. Anyway, he’s one of our personal favourite bedroom pop artists.


Here’s our list so far. You’ll find a few more bedroom pop artists in this top70 songs of the year for the genre. If you think that your tracks would be suitable for our bedroom pop playlists, you can submit them through this form.



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