13 Dark Pop Songs for a Darker Friday

13 Dark Pop Songs for a Darker Friday
13th October 2023 Elena
13 Dark Pop Songs for a Darker Friday

Why do we listen to dark pop songs? There’s no one single reason but we’ll give you about 13 here. You’ll find that each song on this post adheres to moody music. This can mean pop melodies that evoke a sense of melancholy or straight-up eerieness.

Dark pop can also overlap with other genres like gothic pop, synth-pop, and alternative pop, depending on the specific elements present in the music. As a flexible genre, you’ll find new fresh, and disturbing artists that’ll make this Friday 13th worthwhile.

Dark Pop Songs 2023

Get ready for 13 emotionally charged lyrics by artists or bands having a vocal delivery we can only label as ethereal or intense. This is why you’ll find internationally renowned artists such as Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Halsey on this dark pop song’s 2023 playlist.

“Heartless” by The Weekend

In case you don’t know who The Weeknd is (…), aka Abel Tesfaye, this Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer released this song in 2019. Very much in his element, it’s a blend of R&B and hip-hop that sets the beat to the theme of hedonism, partying, and maintaining a love/life-of-excess balance:

‘Cause I’m heartless

And I’m back to my ways ’cause I’m heartless

All this money and this pain got me heartless

Low life for life ’cause I’m heartless

A unique and distinctive voice that continues to make hits in the music industry, each pertaining to a different genre. This track is an example of how to blend a dark and eerie production with emotionally charged lyrics.

“Assassin” by Au/Ra

Au/Ra, aka Jamie Lou Stenzel, is a singer and songwriter known for her work in pop and alternative music. Native to Ibiza, where she quickly became popular for her unique sound, which combines pop, electronic, and alternative music elements.

She released this song in 2018 and automatically became popular as it can be used as a healing method for anyone suffering from anxiety or self-doubt:

My phone has no signal

It’s making my skin crawl

The silence is so loud

The lights spark and flicker

With monsters much bigger

Than I can control now

And that’s amazing. The more light we shed on these monsters, the less scary they’ll be.

“everybody hates me” by GAYLE

GAYLE, an American singer and songwriter, released this dark op track in 2020. Why did it get so much attention? Check out these catchy and relatable lyrics:

Life’s a bitch and I’m not surprised

If you read my mind, you’d probably cry

I do it myself all the time

Life’s a bitch and she’s cool with me

I’ll let it be, hard world to please

I live my life like everybody hates me

She’s known for her indie pop style and this is probably the track that best encapsulates her style and vocal talent. It also explores feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, and it resonated with many young listeners for the underlying honesty and vulnerability.


Georgia Flipo, aka G Flip, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and producer known for her energetic and catchy pop and indie rock music. She released this track in 2019 and it’s known for how vibrant and lively it is. An upbeat tempo and lyrics that convey a sense of yearning and restlessness:

Get me outta here

Running outta air, running outta

Get me outta here, I got no fucks to give

Get me outta here, running outta air

Running outta, get me outta here

I got no fucks to give

Her distinctive voice and engaging performances continue to make her fans obsessed as she perfects her style. G will keep on flipping.

“PARAMOUR (feat AURORA)” by Sub Urban

Danny Maisonneuve, aka Sub Urban, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer also known for his pop, electronic, and alternative music mix.  This disturbing track featuring another dark artist, AURORA, is known for its dark, edgy, and atmospheric sound with lyrics that follow suit:

This is how it goes

Watching it unfold (watching it unfold)

Playing my own role (runaway on ’em)

Dum-dum-ditty-dum-dum-ditty, daddy, don’t

Make me leave this home

He’s also gained major recognition for his creative music videos and this one is no exception:


“cinderella’s dead” by EMELINE

EMELINE is a singer and songwriter known for her indie and alternative pop style. She released this deadly track in 2021 and quickly captivated listeners with a visceral and emotional sound.

Maybe more in line with Peter Pan than Cinderella, she likes to sing about the idea of growing up or moving beyond childhood fantasies:

I forgot I was a bad bitch, tragic

Breaking all the rules ’cause they were only habits

Cinderella’s dead now, casket

You thought the shoe fit but I

(Da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da-da)

“Problems” by DeathbyRomy

American singer-songwriter DeathbyRomy released this song in 2019 that blends dark pop and alternative R&B elements, her signature style.

Another vulnerable artist who likes sharing her personal experience on relationships or life struggles. So, very similar, yep:

I like Coke, but only if you’re mixing it with Jack

Then it’s dope

Put it in my cup then hand me the smoke

I ain’t tryna think about the world

I got too many problems

“bury a friend” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish. That’s it. She released it in 2019 and is part of her debut studio album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

This artist is usually associated with a dark and eerie sound, so she’s a perfect fit here; she’s also known for pouring her heart out through lyrics, and this dark pop song explores more of those inner demons and the fear of the unknown:

What do you want from me?

Why don’t you run from me?

What are you wondering?

What do you know?

Why aren’t you scared of me?

Why do you care for me?

When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

“Lantern Room” by Torii Wolf

Torii Wolf is an American singer, songwriter, and visual artist known for her work in various music genres, including alternative and electronic music.

She released this song as a single in 2021 and continues to haunt listeners with her visceral and raw lyrics:

Protect me from you, my thief

It’s getting later and it’s harder to leave

I’m trying to heal, I’m trying to mend

Someone, please come to my defense

“I’m Trash” by Sandra Iris

The verses of the song lean towards a Lo-Fi style, but the chorus is strongly infused with indie pop elements. One of the most captivating things about this song is the clarity and harmony in her vocals.

As for songwriting, the lyrics and melodies are just as hypnotizing. In her own words, “…you reach a cathartic point where you don’t give a fuck and you write this song making fun of you for being dramatic about this. It’s not the end of the world”:

If I could tell you we have telepathy

You wouldn’t believe me

Cause you’re out of my league

If I could tell you that we could share this joy

You wouldn’t believe me cause you’re someone else’s boy

“Helen” by Oliver Malcolm

Oliver Malcolm is a British-Swedish artist and producer known for his work in various music genres, including hip-hop and alternative, of course. He released this track in 2020 and was quickly spotted for its blend of dark and moody production, as well as his now signature vocal style.

Another artist that sings from the heart, but this time more than a beating heart we get the impression it’s a bomb about to explode:

They keep me up at night

She slit her wrists

Wonders if she’ll be missed

She wonders if she’ll see the sunrise

Rescue me

“Runaway” by AURORA

This Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA, whose full name is AURORA Aksnes, released this track in 2016. It was a significant early success for her that established her as a unique and talented artist. We can only describe her and her vocals as otherworldly:

And I was runnin’ far away

Would I run off the world someday?

Nobody knows, nobody knows

And I was dancing in the rain

I felt alive and I can’t complain

“Nightmares” by Ellise

To end on a good night’s sleep, Ellise, an American singer-songwriter, released this track in 2021. A blend of pop and electronic elements and her captivating vocals.

Like many of her releases, the catchy melodies and relatable lyrics engage her fanbase. She talks about relationships and the one thing that we can all agree on: they are tormenting.

Sinking, so sick of thinking

Of all the things you need from me

Who you think that I should be?

Itching to feel you with me

But I can do that to myself

Touch so soft but words that kill

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