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Indiemono is more than playlists, but it’s definitely playlists


We’ve got one of the most relevant independent profiles in Spotify worldwide, definitely on the top 10 (hey, we don’t just say that, check out Chartmetric!), and we’ve been working to expand to offer you our playlists everywhere. Our playlisting has a concept, a respect for the user and a significant build – we don’t have hacked growth or a payola seller view. We receive a lot of independent music that we use to update all our playlists in a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We believe in playlisting as a craft, over algorithms and automation – like handling you the mix-tape in high school, but digitally and worldwide. You’re our pal and we create playlists with our suggestions all the time. We don’t sell placements and won’t accept transactions to be included in any playlist. This is important; artists don’t have to pay for curation and we live by that standards.



+3,000,000 Playlist Followers
+100 Actively Curated Playlists
Curator Presence in every streaming service
Apple Music’s Official Curator Channel

+20.000 monthly website users
+300 Daily Submissions received
Independent Curators, Strategists.
Digital Label

Connection with major and indie labels.
Trying to be better human beings every day.


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