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  • Dec032021

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 12WK1

    🐵 Winter is finally here, it’s already Xmas (we don’t care if it’s the first week of December yet because…

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  • Dec012021
    Viral-Hits playlist by indiemono

    Top 20 Hits 2021 : Who owns the charts of 2021?

    2021 has been, generally, a year of recovery and this also applies to music. A lot of genre revivals, synth-pop…

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  • Nov292021
    Streaming Metrics

    How to calculate and interpret streaming metrics correctly

    Basically, as musicians, we have access to tons of stats and metrics, and sure, we spend a lot of time…

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  • Nov272021
    Maria Domark Banana Interview

    Cyborgs and being authentic to yourself – a Maria Domark Banana Interview

    From Dark Pop to Hyperpop. Your Project could be described in so many ways but what would you say that…

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  • Nov262021
    weekly digest indiemono

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK4

    🐵 Happy thanksgiving btw. We hope you had fun and listened to good music, as always! Here we have some…

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  • Nov192021
    Weekly Digest Indiemono

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK3

    🐵 We’re coming back this week with a lot of news and music! Find our previous weekly digest here: The…

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  • Nov182021
    Leg Puppy Banana Interview

    Concerts in launderettes and kinky emojis – a Leg Puppy Banana Interview

    You are very critical of modern society and technology. How do you feel about having to promote your music on…

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  • Nov152021
    Bedroom Pop Header

    Best Bedroom Pop Artists : Top 10 of 2021

    Bedroom Pop is now one of the most important genres in the indie ecosystem with a bunch of bedroom pop…

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  • Nov122021
    Honey Blossom

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK2

    🐵 We’re coming back this week with a lot of new music!  Find our previous weekly digest here: And remember…

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  • Nov082021

    What are music publishers?

    You might have heard about music publishers but the great question is: what are music publishers? we will help you…

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