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  • May182022
    musicians by indiemono

    How to provide (even more) value to your music as a musician

    Music is our passion, right? And sometimes we think that it’s all that matters. Yes, of course, it is! But…

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  • May172022


    Welcome to Indiemono! This time we joined Adriel Rivera to raise community awareness during Mental Health Month. He talks about…

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  • May122022
    AFTRHOURS banana interview

    Lyrically relatable and melodically memorable. – AFTRHOURS banana Interview

    🎧 What is your current favorite / guilty pleasure / go-to playlist? ( no pressure, it doesn’t have to be…

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  • May102022

    Useful apps for musicians

    We have collected a list of mobile apps for musicians: from songwriting to production and habit trackers. Inspiration can occur…

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  • May092022
    VIBES by Indiemono

    chill vibes. by Indiemono

    1. Invincible – Omar Apollo feat Daniel Caesar Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar explore the complexities of love, sexuality, and longing…

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  • May052022
    caravn banana interview

    Traveling and drinking at the Coliseum – a Caravn Banana Interview

    📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now Rhys Lewis, Rival,…

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  • May042022

    NEW Indie/Alternative: May 2022 by Indiemono 🍄

    We present you the monthly update of our playlist NEW Indie/Alternative: April 2022. Remember that you can always find our…

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  • Apr282022
    alt rock playlist

    The alt-rock side of bedroom pop

    What is bedroom pop? Is it really a genre? When music tastemakers started to talk about “bedroom pop” they were…

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  • Apr272022
    spotify for artists indiemono

    Tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist

    Here’s a quick collection of tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist and maybe get an editorial…

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  • Apr222022
    the earth day songs by indiemono

    Songs about the earth – Earth day 🌱

    Today is International Earth Day and we want to celebrate it with music, as always. On this occasion, we are…

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