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  • Sep212023
    Fall Indie Vibes

    Fall Indie Vibes: Get Cozy with Our Seasonal Playlist

    Feelings during the fall season can vary from one person to another. Nostalgia might hit as soon as you see…

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  • Aug252023
    Top 5 self-care indie songs for Friday pampering

    Top 5 Self-Care Indie Songs for a Friday Pampering

    We know why you’re here. You read “self-care” and “Friday” and you decided that it was about f***ing time, right?…

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  • Aug232023
    Catchy Indie Songs That Stick Like Glue

    Catchy Indie Songs That Stick Like Glue

    You wake up and it’s the first thing that comes to mind. You go to sleep and you can feel…

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  • Aug092023
    Farewell to Summer - Best New Indie Alternative Songs.

    A Farewell to Summer with the Best New Alternative Indie Songs

    August is considered special for several reasons: whether you’re getting back from holidays or are about to, we all know…

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  • Jul212023
    New Barbie Aesthetics in Indie Music: 5 Indie Barbies

    New Barbie Aesthetics in Indie Music: 5 Indie Barbies

    Far from supporting the fact that “life in plastic is fantastic”, we’ve seen a great opportunity to highlight these female…

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  • Jun232023
    Cover of Summer Indie Vibes 2023 Playlist.

    Summer Indie Vibes 2023: Refreshing Music to Beat the Heat

    Dive into a sea of lively tunes this summer 2023. This playlist includes all indie genres you can think of.…

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  • Mar192023
    Sensual shoulders to describe that mood for Cigarettes After Sex.

    Cigarettes After Sex, Indie Music Before and During

    If you ended up here because you were looking for an answer to “When can I start smoking after sex?”,…

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  • Feb172023
    Cover for Monthly Indie Alternative Playlist

    Feb Checkup: Your Monthly Indie Alternative Dose

    Yes, it’s that time of the month again. And no, we’re not talking about the period, we’re referring to our…

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  • Oct062022
    New Indie Alt October

    NEW Indie/Alternative Playlist October 2022 by Indiemono 🎃

    Is it just us, or did September fly by?? While we may not have a full grasp on the passing…

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  • Sep192022
    indie sleaze

    Indie Sleaze is coming back

    If you’ve been semi-chronically online recently, you’d know that many content creators have been proclaiming the return of Indie Sleaze…

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