Cigarettes After Sex, Indie Music Before and During

Cigarettes After Sex, Indie Music Before and During
19th March 2023 Elena
Sensual shoulders to describe that mood for Cigarettes After Sex.

If you ended up here because you were looking for an answer to “When can I start smoking after sex?”, we apologize. Although, if it’s not your bed – and on a personal note – we’d say “Never”. If the sex was out-of-this-world good, then “About 3 seconds”. What we have prepared for you is far better than that nicotine boost. As for the other boost, we’ve tried our best to match it. What’s more, unlike cigarettes, indie music can also be consumed during sex (the other could end up in an accident).

As most of you may know, Cigarettes After Sex is a dream pop band created by Greg Gonzalez back in 2008. Since then, they’ve been captivating the audience with their love-themed songs and Gonzalez’s so-called “androgynous” deep voice. But, what is their secret? Why is Cigarettes After Sex music so damn good? Like most of the indie music we like to share with you, it’s probably as good as it is relatable to the listener. And, what’s more relatable than songs you listen to before, during, and after sex?

Indie Music Before Sex

Not to brag, but we’re one of the few indie curators out there offering a sexy indie playlist. And that’s because we think about foreplay. You’re welcome. We’ve selected two tracks that, listened to in the right mood and atmosphere – maybe throw in some wine and a fireplace – will get you going pretty soon. We speak from experience.

“I’m Having Sex Tonight” by GRLwood

Well, we can never guarantee, but the title of GRLwoord’s song should speak for itself. In fact, the lyrics of the song don’t extend much further either:

“Why would you want more?

I’m having sex tonight, yeah

I’m having sex tonight, yeah”

That’s it. But, then again, when you are at this stage of getting to know someone, you don’t want to be too distracted. What you do want is a rhythmic soundtrack to that tension, excitement, and parallel universe you’re both about to enter. The echoing effect of the song just makes it easier for you to feel like you’re being lifted off the ground.

“I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys

I mean, it’s Arctic Monkeys. And we love ourselves some monkeys. In this case, our choice of song is for those listeners who might not dare say what they feel or what they really want at that moment. So, what better way to do it than through song?

“Secrets I have held in my heart

Are harder to hide than I thought

Maybe I just wanna be yours

I wanna be yours”

If John Cooper Clarke ever made his way into your English class, then you probably already know what we’re about to say. The lyrics from this AM’s song are actually from this author’s poem, I Wanna Be Yours. In both cases the message that they want to be part of every single aspect of the other’s life. When you’re about to connect with someone in the most intimate and raw way, this is exactly what you become: theirs.

Indie Music During Sex

These two tracks are definitely there to support, never steal attention from what you have going on. As monkeys, Indiemono thought you might like to get straight into business. This is why we threw in some R&B and Soul.

“Play With Me” by Rendezvous At Two

Rendezvous At Two is all about R&B and Soul. Although not as direct as their “F*ck Me & Feed Me” this duo manage to exude confidence and that go-getter attitude you want in bed:

“Baby let me take the pressure off you

I’ll make the first move and do what I got to

Can we slow this down to my pace?

I’ll make you fall in love”

Throughout the whole song you’ll feel guided by a sensual – yet cheeky – voice that’s inviting you play with every corner of their body; never in a crass or blunt way, always playfully inviting and ready to share one of the greatest pastimes that we, as humans, have managed to perfect.

“Redcup” by Mike Clay feat. Sara Diamond

You may have heard Mike Clay’s last name before in Clay and Friends. But we’re giving you a different side of him here in “Redcup”, the lead single from his EP, ‘’Morning Meditations’’. After a successful collab with Sara Diamond (Que Sera), he bet on this duo again for a track that is meant to go with your morning playlist:

“Drive slow, don’t take it too fast

Trying to take that shit off

Trying to make that shit last”

From the lyrics, we could say that it can be applied to any situation that you want to make last. If you pair this up with the soulfulness and hypnotizing vocals by Sara Diamond, it will probably be the best morning sex of your life.

Indie Music After Sex

Well, we couldn’t leave this spot for anyone else other than Cigarettes After Sex and their self-titled debut album (2017). Whether you want to include a cigarette or two in this slowcore-meets-shoegaze atmosphere, that’s completely up to you. What you definitely need are sunsets and a good crush.

Cigarettes After Sex “Sunsetz”

We thought that, much like a foreplay stage, this sexual aftermath needs that echo effect once again. That is, if it was good. If not, we might recommend straight up hardcore. “Sunsetz” includes all those elements that will make you think twice about choosing R&B as the most sensual music genre:


We wander through a foreign town

Strangely, there’s nobody else around

So you open your dress and show me your tits

On the swing set at the old playground”

And this is what they do best, give you that blunt and straightforward stream of consciousness. They know exactly when to pull the rug off your feet as you are about to wander into dreamland. But that’s exactly what love is, right? And that’s why we love them. 

Cigarettes After Sex “Crush”

It’s not just about a crush. It’s about remembering what you felt when you were first crushing. That ethereal sound with a wink at the 60s will hit you hard with nostalgia; whether you start thinking of your first crush or fist time, it’s a memory we all like to relive:

“I love to watch you when you’re trying on your clothes

And now you’re all I think about when I’m alone

Can’t wait to feel your love inside me now

We’ll have a drink or two and we’ll go to your house…”

Before you jump to conclusions, these lyrics could be describing that memento when you realize you’re crushing hard on your friend. Someone you’ve watched get undressed many times and hadn’t felt anything until now.

We like sharing music that suits your mood. So, like always, add these songs to any of your preferred playlists and press “Play” whenever you want. Before, during, and especially after.

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