• Mar192023
    Sensual shoulders to describe that mood for Cigarettes After Sex.

    Cigarettes After Sex, Indie Music Before and During

    If you ended up here because you were looking for an answer to “When can I start smoking after sex?”,…

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  • Nov082022

    New Indie/Alternative November 2022 by Indiemono 🍂

    Heyyyy, did you miss us? We’re back back back again with our latest and greatest update for November 2022 on…

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  • Oct182022
    Viral Hits by Indiemono

    Top Viral Hits Playlists

    Want to stay up-to-date with all the latest trending viral hits but overwhelmed trying to keep up? Keeping up with…

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  • Oct062022
    New Indie Alt October

    NEW Indie/Alternative Playlist October 2022 by Indiemono 🎃

    Is it just us, or did September fly by?? While we may not have a full grasp on the passing…

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  • Aug162022
    New Indie Alternative august

    New Indie/Alternative August 2022 by Indiemono ☀️

    July is already over, and we’re kicking off the start of this month by giving our NEW Indie/Alternative playlist an…

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  • Feb142019

    A Valentine’s Day Crush: Queen Without a Crown


    When it’s about love, you can really feel the pain in the room when a voice breaks singing about it.…

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  • Apr192017

    Luca Fogale, Bluebirds and Villains


    Folk becomes something extraordinary when Luca Fogale plays the notes and sings in whispers. One of the best voices we’ve…

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  • Jun132016

    Radical Face Interview

    Ben Cooper, aka Radical Face , conquers us beyond his music, unveiling the secrets of his new album ' The…

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  • Aug282015

    The Less, The Better: top 5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs acoustic songs


    Sure you don't like them? Well, we're not sure you're sure. Here's our top 5 songs you should listen to…

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