Top Viral Hits Playlists

Top Viral Hits Playlists
18th October 2022 Erin Wilborn

Want to stay up-to-date with all the latest trending viral hits but overwhelmed trying to keep up? Keeping up with trending audio for Tik Tok or trying to find the top viral songs of the week is hard, but with a bit of help from your Spotify playlist making friends at Indiemono, it doesn’t have to be. Our independent Spotify and Apple Music playlist curators stay up-to-date with the most viral Tik Tok songs, viral 50 Spotify hits, and the most popular songs of 2022 so you don’t have to. We’ve put together a few of our favorite viral playlists for you to put on at your next kickback or use as trending audio on your next social post for you to embrace the trends of the moment as their happening below:

Top 2022 Hits

Our Top 2022 Hits playlist is a bit broader in scope than the previous playlist. For this playlist, our curators are focused on adding the top songs across all genres that have been hits all year long. If you’re looking for songs that outlast their trends and have real staying power, our Top 2022 Hits playlist has got you. 

Charts 2022

Think of our Charts 2022 playlist as your one-stop news source for all things trending in the music world. Our team of playlist curators follows all the songs topping Spotify’s Official charts, new releases from rising artists, top Tik Tok songs, and trending music videos on Youtube, and has compiled them all into one place for easy listening. The days of endless cross-platform song searching are over!

Sad Songs 🥲

This may not be a viral hits playlist by definition, but it remains one of our most followed and most viral playlists to date. We all need the perfect playlist to put on when we’re feeling some type of way, and this playlist is your new go-to when you just need to sink into those deeper feelings. 

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