Our Playlist Archive Unlocked

Our Playlist Archive Unlocked
24th October 2022 Erin Wilborn
Indiemono Archive

Whether you’ve been following us for years or have just found our Spotify profile, you might have already noticed that our team of Spotify playlist curators is constantly updating our playlists. Since 2011, many of our curated playlists get updated on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure our listeners have quick access to all the best new tracks as they’re coming out. But what happens to the playlists as certain editions get updated? Do they just disappear into the digital ether?

Introducing Indiemono Archive: the complete collection of playlists from curations past. Call us sentimental, but we couldn’t stand the prospect of all our old playlists vanishing as new tracks get added. So we didn’t let that happen — we’ve been saving all our previous monthly playlists to the Indiemono Archive since we began in 2011.

Indiemono Archive has over 170 separate playlists, many from our monthly editions of our NEW Indie/Alternative Playlist. To give you a little taste of our extensive archives, we’re sharing three of our favorite playlists from the archive below:

January 2011: NEW Indie/Alternative

Ah, the playlist that started it all. If you’re looking for the ultimate indie throwback playlist, this is the one. Our playlists from 2011 to about 2013 are giving major Indie Sleaze vibes, so if you’re feeling nostalgic for your former Tumblr days, go ahead and add them to your queue.

ICON_Indie Women Talent Issue

Originally made for International Women’s day, this playlist is perfect for celebrating the magic of emerging woman-identifying artists any day of the week. From dreamy pop tracks to chill indie songs, this easygoing playlist is just scratching the surface of all the amazing woman-driven talent that’s shaking up the indie music scene.

March 2020: NEW Indie/Alternative

Maybe a bit of a controversial choice, but this playlist was the last update we made to the Indie/Alternative playlist before the pandemic began, so it brings up a bunch of complex feelings for us. But that’s not always a bad thing! Sometimes it’s helpful to make a sonic return to a pivotal moment and reflect on everything that’s changed. Unhinged? Maybe. Introspective? Definitely.

To get full access to the Indiemono Archives, make sure you’re following our profile on Spotify. Got a song you’d think would be a great fit for our playlists? Submit your released track for playlist curation with Indiemono for free.

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