NEW Indie/Alternative: May 2022 by Indiemono 🍄

NEW Indie/Alternative: May 2022 by Indiemono 🍄
4th May 2022 sandra

We present you the monthly update of our playlist NEW Indie/Alternative: April 2022. Remember that you can always find our indie/alternative playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

We want to thank you for submitting your music to us. Also, if you were not selected, don’t despair! Art is just a matter of personal preferences ☺️

1. Ur Mum – Wet Leg

Wet Leg brings us this high-energy tune with its characteristic garage sound. The song talks about wanting to move on from a relationship or situation that is going nowhere. You need to keep growing and evolving!

When I think about what you’ve become
I feel sorry for your mum
You say we’re all having fun
Do you know you’re the only one?

2. Free – Florence + The Machine

The song is about how our mental health problems can affect our life and the struggle of working through them.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should be medicated
If I would feel better just lightly sedated
The feeling comes so fast and I cannot control it
I’m on fire, but I’m trying not to show it


3. The Wave – Stevan

Stevan said in a press release that The Wave is about “being present in the moment and moving with the motion. Even if external factors are trying to distract you.”

You caught me on a wave, I’m on a vibe
I look at you, there’s pain deep in your eyes
Ain’t no shame, at least tonight
I wanna dance and feel alive

4. Unconditional I – Arcade Fire

Unconditional I is part of Arcade Fire’s new album. In this song, an adult talks to a child about life and its challenges.

Look out kid, trust your heart
You don’t have to play the part they wrote for you
Just be true

5. Don’t You Ever Give Me Up! – eisenach

eisenach talks about a platonic love in this fun and uplifting track that includes vibrant retro-sounding synths ☀️


6. all I ever wanted (was you) – mazie

mazie gifts us with this chill indie-pop track that matches perfectly with her trademark psychedelic visuals.

I’m a sucker for a narcissist, that’s why I love myself (Uh-huh)
With you, it was pretty obvious ’cause it takes one to tell
But I hide it so well, you should try it


7. Good Night – Bamily

Bamily wants you to stay longer at the party with this hypnotizing track.

Stay long
Stay ’til you start to forget
Stay ‘tll your heart’s in your head
C’mon now, stay

8. Tightrope – bennytheghost

Summer is here and bennytheghost knows it. Tightrope is an upbeat track that talks about being in a relationship with someone that is kinda irresponsible. A relationship that feels like walking a tightrope.

Well, you made it pretty far in your mother’s car
But couldn’t get it out of state before you fell asleep
And to be honest, I never thought you’d make it out on your own




9. See You Soon – beabadoobee

See You Soon is almost like what I just explained with the premise of Beatopia. In general, it’s me talking about finally spending time by myself to reflect on a lot of things in my life and realizing how it doesn’t paint my character. It’s about how my past doesn’t define me. I only realized that when I went off by myself and just did my own thing. I met my friends, and I did shrooms, and I just had like this, like, revelation. I wrote “See You Soon,”the day after that, and it was really just therapeutic. Sonically, I wanted it to sound like a breath of fresh air… almost like you’re going through the same realization that I had. It’s one of my favorite songs off the record”

And I told you, “I’ll see you soon”
(I guess I have to take it, I’m deteriorating)
Feelin’ blue
(I’d rather have a meaning, and it looks appealing)


10. 21 – Good Looks

Good Looks sing with nostalgia about wanting to be 21 again and enjoy life with no worries.



These are just the top 10 placements but you can always follow our playlist for monthly updates on the best new indie/alternative music!



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