chill vibes. by Indiemono

chill vibes. by Indiemono
9th May 2022 sandra
VIBES by Indiemono

1. Invincible – Omar Apollo feat Daniel Caesar

Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar explore the complexities of love, sexuality, and longing in this amazing duet.

If I were to go (go, go)
Tell me, would you notice me? (Notice, notice me)
If I were to go (go, go)
Tell me, would you notice me?
(If I were to)



2. See You Soon – beabadoobee

The song was born during a mushrooms’ trip. The idea of the song is to enjoy life as it is and its beauty.

I wanted to be everything you see
But I went the wrong direction, you needed some perfection
And I’m not sure why, but I will see you soon
(I guess I have to take you, I’m deteriorating)
Feelin’ blue



3. Howl With Me – DOPE LEMON

“It’s a story I wrote about a girl raised by wolves. One day she wants to escape the forest and start a new life. So she builds a raft, pushes it out into the river and floats down the stream. She’s got a bottle of moonshine, and she sees this big bear on the shore. She waves at him, she waves the bottle at him. He swims up and jumps on and then they float downriver together, and they sort of form a relationship. It’s about them sort of falling in love and then coming to a fork in the road where they have to decide whether to stay together or go their separate ways”

She said, “come howl with me, baby”
Come howl with me baby, tonight
Come howl with me, baby
Come howl if you know what’s right
Around midnight

4. Needy – Shrimpnose & maxime.

Shrimpnose connects with Montreal artist & friend maxime. on a remarkable collaboration, “Needy.” Together they serve up a gritty, lo-fi indie track.

There’s a lot of things
That I wish I said
But a million more that I wish I hadn’t

5. Drugs – dvr

“This was written at the lowest point. It was early January [2021], because I started trying to get back on the road to recovery and then I got hit with a really, really bad migraine that kept me in bed for two weeks. I couldn’t do anything. I was pretty wasted off all the pills that I was on, and I hadn’t slept for four days straight. I got Valium from the doctor, and the day after, I was feeling all weak and terrible and I stayed up till 2 am because I couldn’t sleep. I started playing guitar and the first thing I thought of was the chords to ‘Drugs’. I spent from 2 am to 4 am on it, until I woke my dad up shouting the last chorus and he told me to go to sleep”

Fuck my friends, they all treat me like I’m dumb
Drugs are fucking with my head
Doctor switches them for fun
Swear, they’re driving me insane


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