The alt-rock side of bedroom pop

The alt-rock side of bedroom pop
28th April 2022 sandra
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What is bedroom pop? Is it really a genre? When music tastemakers started to talk about “bedroom pop” they were referring to creating music in your own bedroom. We want to talk about this definition of bedroom pop and the different genres and artists that could match that.

We talked about the lo-fi pop sound in our last blog and, in this one, we want to talk about the rock side of bedroom pop. Follow our playlist for more recommendations!



1. Happy (God’s Own Country) – Sports Team

According to the band, the song was recorded at the end of 2020. The track mocks a certain kind of conservative Englishness (illustrated by the Wickerman-themed video) and the culture of cronyism that has been influential in British politics for some time.

I came out feet first and dancing
Pause for a round of applause
I came up grasping for greatness
A coffin in search of a corpse


2. Angelica – Wet Leg

The duo describes the song as a mixture of “the absurd”, “the sardonic”, “social angst” and “a trippy, synth-kissed journey through parties and regrets.”

Angelica was on her way to the party
She doesn’t need to wait for anybody (nuh-uh)
Knows exactly what’s she’s doin’ (I know what I’m doin’)
I watch as she commands the room

3. Drinking Wine – Oscar Lang

Oscar Lang released this fun track with a music video recorded in Liverpool, one of Oscar’s favorite cities. The visuals match perfectly with the carefree spirit of this garage/indie-rock track.

Sat in her garden
We were drinking wine
I said look at the time
Yeah I’ve got to fly
I’ll see you in a couple of days


4. Sober – Bakers Eddy

The creative process of these guys is unmatched:  “We’re all in the same room when we’re recording. Like when Jamie’s recording drums, we squeeze in tight around him, in this giant room we’re all in nice and tight and I’m running around Jamie, and just like causing havoc and then we make a point to yell random shit.” Pure punk stuff and we’re here for it 🤘

I can’t tell if it’s just me
Or someone that I’d rather be
‘Cause everything keeps going wrong
Now I’m barely hanging on


5. KEEP THE PACE – Dreamer Boy

KEEP THE PACE is a chaotic and unpredictable track that talks about social media and its impact on our mental health. The song has two parts: a more aggressive vocal delivery and a melodic one. They are both cohesive and it’s reflective of his fluctuating mental state.

I’m in the throes of keeping pace
And I never stood a chance
Red and swollen in the face
Trying to meet all the demands
Pimpin’, passion

6. Weird Me Out – Coach Party

Weird Me Out talks about the unrealistic ideas that we have for a relationship due to the high standards that we see on social media.

Tell me a story ’bout me and you
Make it nice, I wanna feel cute
Am I wearin’ a dress, are your hands on my waist?
Am I askin’ for more, did I like the taste?

7. Week On Repeat – Beddy Rays

“The track follows the feeling of rolling through another working week while trying to break the norms of the plain and mundane. It’s about trying to unlearn the mistakes that have got you stuck in the day-to-day rut and figuring out the best way to change it”

Friday night and my head’s not right
So wrecked from the week that’s on repeat
I lay down, I get up
From a couple of cups

8. Make Out – The Greeting Committee

Make Out sounds as if The Strokes were led by a woman with a punk attitude. The track has also a guitar feature by Brandon Yangmi after the second verse.

Do you want me?
I’m here waiting
Let’s just make out
What’s the harm now?



9. Fire Escape – Beach Bunny

“We are always changing, growing, and adapting – it’s a deeply ingrained part of the human experience. We strive to be stronger, trust we’ll grow smarter, and spend most of our lives reaching for comfort and happiness. Sometimes, life is stagnant, sometimes, life is difficult – but the wonderful part of being human is that we evolve and make the bleak moments beautiful – we find new ways to survive. Humans are emotional creatures and I wanted to capture that with this album in order to show how complex, sometimes tragic, and mostly wonderful the human experience can be.”

Paralyzed, it’s contagious
You’ve got the world hanging on your lips
Like serentil, painless
An automatic parogative

10. Disaster Girl – The Vaccines

Our beloved The Vaccines come back after a 10-year hiatus. The song was inspired by a meme and it talks about how sometimes we’re our worst enemies when we try to self-sabotage a meaningful relationship.

Disaster Girl The Vaccines


That was it! If you want to learn about more sides of the bedroom pop world, stay tuned to our blog! And also, if you think that you have a song that could fit on this playlist, don’t hesitate to submit it.

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