The lo-fi pop side of bedroom pop

The lo-fi pop side of bedroom pop
11th March 2022 sandra

What is bedroom pop? Is it really a genre? When music tastemakers started to talk about “bedroom pop” they were referring to creating music in your own bedroom. We want to talk about this meaning for bedroom pop and the different genres and artists that could match that definition.

First, we start with the lo-fi pop sound. Usually, this kind of pop has an alternative and dreamy style and sometimes it incorporates vinyl cracks or distortion to make it sound more retro. And, of course, the quality of the mix and the recording isn’t perfect.

1. watch you sleep. – girl in red

girl in red makes simplicity sound better than anything. The intimate instrumental combined with Marie’s soft vocals create an ethereal atmosphere that matches perfectly with the lyrics which are an ode to simplicity: watching someone sleep by your side and enjoying their company.

I never get
Bored of lookin’ at you
‘Cause every time
I see somethin’ new


2. Sugar – Men I Trust

Men I Trust are known for their dreamy sound and soothing vocals. In this track, they also include a slightly funky bass that makes the track stand out even more.
I ran out of made-up consolations
I’ve been waiting forever
How can you call me with such conviction?
Sugar cane, sugar

3. All Your Love – Jakob

.Jakob delivers sweet and mellow vocals in combination with the typical retro synths that are generally a trademark in this genre. Jakob was 19 when he produced this track. A true prodigy, isn’t he?

I’m wanting all your love
Wanting all your love
Your love
Your love



4. Softly – Clairo

We couldn’t make a list of bedroom pop tunes without including Clairo. She’s been the queen of bedroom pop since she released her hit “Pretty girl” which made her viral. This soft ballad talks about the bittersweet feeling of knowing you’re falling in love and it could end up badly.

Touch you softly
I call you up late at night
Know that it isn’t right
But you could be my one and only


5. sipping on tea – Sfven

And we keep talking about falling in love with Sfven, who describes perfectly the feelings of uncertainty and the butterflies in your stomach when you start dating someone.

It’s you
Burning on my brain like you always do
Yeah, it’s you
Brighter than a flame that I thought I knew


6. Tommy – Claud

Claud accompanies her voice with an acoustic guitar in “Tommy”, a raw honest ballad about wanting someone to touch you as if you were someone else.

Touch my body like I’m Tommy
Touch my body pretend I’m Tommy

7. Show Runner 99 – Ritt Momney

“This song is basically about trying not to be defined by a single moment in ur life, no matter how big. The search for self goes on whether u like it or not!!!!!!”

“Where the silence grows like trees
I’m fielding congratulations
While I’m choking on the leaves”

8. Pearl – bb sway

A heartful ballad made with a lo-fi piano and a simple but vulnerable vocal melody accompanied by nostalgic visuals of bb sway’s childhood.



9. Smithereens – Boyish

This light-hearted tune explores the problem of wanting to have a committed relationship with someone that only perceives you as a sexual partner.

10. I wanna be your girlfriend – Gglum

We want to end this ranking with this misty version of “I wanna be your girlfriend” by girl in red. This version makes the song sound even more wistful and mellow, bringing another perspective to the track.


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