Top 5 Self-Care Indie Songs for a Friday Pampering

Top 5 Self-Care Indie Songs for a Friday Pampering
25th August 2023 Elena
Top 5 self-care indie songs for Friday pampering

We know why you’re here. You read “self-care” and “Friday” and you decided that it was about f***ing time, right? Whether you need motivation, silence, or a freaking minute of peace, here are 5 self-care songs by indie artists you don’t want to miss.

We’ve tried to cover a whole range of emotions and musical genres so that it adapts to most of you. Go ahead, and start your Friday pampering.

Top 5 Self-Care Indie Songs

We know there are plenty of self-care songs out there, we all have curated our own throughout the years. The important thing is that you have one and that you make sure to dedicate yourself some time. Here’s our pick of the top 5 self-care indie songs that are trending.

“Going Home to a Party” by JW Francis

“Going Home to a Party” by JW Francis, whose music often has a laid-back, nostalgic vibe that’ll help you wind down and take a moment for yourself. Its catchy melody and lyrics that anyone can relate to, make it a great choice for most stressed humans on earth who need a self-care moment on a Friday:

It’s time for you

To feel good

It’s time you enjoy you

Well, what are you waiting for? Draw that bubbly bath!

“Tiptoeing” by Hope Tala

Hope Tala blends R&B, indie pop, and neo-soul in this track. This British singer-songwriter is already known for her soulful vocals and unique sound that results from various musical genres. Her soothing vocals and groovy beat will make it a no-brainer addition to your self-care playlist:

How you gonna make me do this dance again?

We’re getting closer but we’re trying to be friends

If we start it might never end, so we keep tiptoeing

Self-care isn’t just about bubbly lyrics and unicorns, self-care is about self-awareness, self-reflection, and finding that perfect balance where you can love yourself a bit more each day.

“Suburbs” by Miranda Fling

You cannot leave Miranda Fling out of a self-care song list. This indie pop artist is also known for her raw vocals and introspective style in lyrics. If you want this song to have its full effect, you’re going to have to dig a little bit deeper into the meaning behind “Suburbs”:

I don’t wanna live in the suburbs

Save up for a trip in the summer

To know contentment and never wonder

But I swear to God that I don’t want any other

It’s a never-ending contradiction about what you expected you’d want in life and where you’ve ended up. Then again, if you’re happy and fulfilled, everything you’ve done and are doing is exactly what you need to be doing.

And that’s the best form of self-care, right? Appreciating where you are and who you’re sharing it with.

“Dreaming of the Sun” by Sandra Iris

Following the theme of yearning and nostalgia for a reality you’ve felt at some point and would love to feel again, Sandra Iris sings her way to our hearts in this profound stream of consciousness where a couple is accepting a reality but is also dreaming of another they’ve had:

The darkness doesn’t scare me

The emptiness is my home

And we’re here laying

But we’re dreaming of the sun

We’re dreaming of the sun

Let’s face it. Most self-care moments arise in climactic moments, either of unwanted emptiness or welcomed fulfillment. This is the beauty of “Dreaming of the Sun”, it’s precisely at the crossroads between these two to remind you that your mind is your safe haven. The place where you can find that fulfillment.

“DRIVING” by Stevan


This is probably one of Stevan‘s most popular songs. Any self-care song list needs a spoon of R&B soulful vocals. A self-care moment can arise while you’re driving (no pun intended) or simply lying back on your sofa.

The lyrics are just as laid back as the rest of the song elements. The message is clear, if you have someone beside you who cares for you the way Stevan describes here, it makes it just a tad easier to care for yourself.

We take the right

And we stop at the light

I could’ve sworn I knew where I was going

Until my eyes met yours and saw

Universes, solar systems

Planetary words of fiction

We hope to have covered a wide range of emotions and self-care needs: motivation, comfort, gratitude, and hope for a future where you can really see yourself caring about yourself, the way you really deserve to.

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