A Farewell to Summer with the Best New Alternative Indie Songs

A Farewell to Summer with the Best New Alternative Indie Songs
9th August 2023 Elena
Farewell to Summer - Best New Indie Alternative Songs.

August is considered special for several reasons: whether you’re getting back from holidays or are about to, we all know it’s the month that wraps one of the sweetest journeys every year. Although we always like to include a bit of mellow and chill vibes in our monthly playlists, this month we’ve included more mellow songs so you can smoothly transition away from summer and into a crispy autumn.

For those of you that still wonder what’s the most popular indie song right now or how to find it, we’ve handpicked the best new alternative indie songs so you can continue to relax and enjoy what’s left of summer!

New Alternative Indie Songs for August

Here’s a taste of our monthly playlist with the best new alternative indie songs that blend ground-breaking sounds soon to build new indie genres. Listen for yourself.

“Miami Baby” by DOPE LEMON

Starting with a splash, “Miami Baby” is a song by the Australian musical project DOPE LEMON, which is the solo project of Angus Stone, one half of the indie folk duo Angus & Julia Stone. The song is from his second studio album Smooth Big Cat (2019). You’ll soon notice that laid-back, psychedelic rock sound with that characteristic breezy and dreamy Miami atmosphere. The lyrics and music give a sense of relaxation and a carefree attitude that’ll make you think you’re on a tropical getaway.

Oh we’re in Miami, baby

We’re shakin’ and lazy

We’re ridin’ up in the clouds tonight

A truly mellow groove and catchy melody make listening to this song a unique and enjoyable experience.

“One for sorrow, two for Joni Jones” by The Japanese House

The Japanese House, another solo project, this time led by British musician Amber Bain. She recently claimed the track – co-written with MUNA‘s Kate Gavin and co-produced with Chloe Kraemer – is titled using her sausage dog’s name, Joni, which was in turn named after Joni Mitchell.

In fact, she tried to “…encapsulate that feeling, a sort of ode to that feeling when Emma Thompson stands there and cries when she’s holding the CD in Love Actually”:

When I look upon myself, I don’t see

The same thing I saw a year ago or two, which is new

You seem to love me more when other people are around

She was somehow trying to manifest the end of her relationship which makes it the only track where she can be heard actually crying. We’re not crying, you are…

“Bug Like an Angel” by Mitski

Mitski Miyawaki, known professionally as Mitski, is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter and musician. The indie music scene has been enjoying her emotionally charged and introspective songwriting for some time. Her sound is already established as a blend of indie rock, pop, and folk where themes of identity, love, alienation, and the human experience overall.

The song title “Bug Like an Angel” already begins with a clear contrast of meaning: bug (icky…) and angel (virtuous). If you know a bit about her highs and lows, you’ll know that Mitski believes that she was destined to be a drinker. This is why the bug is “stuck” suggesting that, like genetics, it will be inevitable:

There’s a bug like an angel stuck to the bottom

Of my glass, with a little bit left

As I got older, I learned I’m a drinker

Sometimes a drink feels like family

Since her last album, Be the Cowboy (2018), she’s continued to solidify her innovative and defying character; this last single is one step further in her versatility and creativity and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

“Fiesta 99.9FM” by Eli Smart

This song by Eli Smart, a singer-songwriter and musician from Hawaii, is part of an EP titled Boonie Town (2020). He’s known for his indie-pop sound and literary songwriting. In this particular case, he sets a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere to share a personal experience:

Full moon, gone off again tonight

To my baby, now I’m in trouble

Too soon, always the long goodbye

Ran away with the time so subtle

Eli himself has claimed that this tune has helped him go back in time and space, to where he grew up and then went to high school. He’s recently talked about a possible collaboration with another introspective artist, Declan McKenna, who is also currently his tour mate.

“Sympathy” by Declan McKenna

Speaking of Declan McKenna, recently mentioned in our blog entry Original Indie Artists: Inspiration vs Impersonation, has elevated his unique sound to another level with this song, also featured on his second studio album titled Zeros (2020).

An energetic and anthemic sound that blends elements of indie rock and glam rock. As with previous tracks, he touches upon the themes of isolation, media manipulation, and a desire for genuine connection:

Sympathy won’t you come around

I don’t need the commotion

Usually though I’m up and down

You just need rollercoasters

It’s another example of his ability to blend meaningful messages with engaging music, catchy melody, and distinctive vocals that won’t leave you indifferent.

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