Feb Checkup: Your Monthly Indie Alternative Dose

Feb Checkup: Your Monthly Indie Alternative Dose
17th February 2023 Elena
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Yes, it’s that time of the month again. And no, we’re not talking about the period, we’re referring to our very own indie alternative monthly playlist! We know you missed it, so we’ve included the best of new indie alternative songs.

If you’re not a regular, you may need more context. Every month we release the best of new indie alternative playlists on Spotify. From our name, you may have guessed that we’re all about indie alternative music, so we’re not being cocky. We just live and breathe music and this is our way of giving you new and fresh air to breathe.

We also like giving you something to think about. Have you ever asked yourself, “What does indie music do to the brain?”. Well, we can’t really help you out here. but we do have an answer to “Where can I find new alternative music?”. Right here.

New Indie/Alternative Playlist by Indiemono

As usual, we’ll walk you through this new indie alternative monthly playlist mood by mood, emotion by emotion, thought by thought. Keep reading and we may be able to answer that first question that’s still hovering in your brain (come on, admit it).

“Veronica” by Master Peace

Master Peace sets a completely new and fresh tone to young love with an upbeat:

“There’s something ’bout Veronica, I can tell that she likes me”

If you know the background story to the song, you’ll soon understand why you start feeling summer vibes; they came up with the riff after finding inspiration in summer festival crowds:

“But there’s something ’bout Veronica making me lose my mind

Making me lose my mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi (Hey, hey, hey)

Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi (Hey, hey, hey)”

“True” by JAWNY

On to a completely – and less desirable – side of love is JAWNy’s “True”. Once again, the hopeless romantic describes the emptiness we’re left with when we’re filled with a love that is not there:

“Staring at your face in the wall from the corner of my room

It takes too long to cover all brushstrokes that look like you

And I can sense that I’m not quite myself

‘Cause I’m someone else without you”

The one thing that might leave you hopeful is the more colorful instrumentation. Well, in the end, that is the truest thing about love, it’s as colorful as it is colorless. 

“Ihateyouandyouhatemetoo” by SAIAH

SAIAH’s uniqueness can be seen from the very title of the song and while it might be easier to easier for “hate” to be the opposite of “love” that would leave us without songs like this one:

“I hate you and you hate me too I know

Cause, I hate you and you hate me too I know”

There’s something upbeat yet chill about this song, and it’s probably that hint of R&B. 

“I Wanna Dance With You” by Royel Otis

Unlike Whitney Houston, Royel Otis has a clearer idea about who they want:

“I want to dance with you

I wanna dance with you”

No, it’s not just “somebody”. If you let go and immerse yourself in this indie rock alternative side of the playlist, you might build the courage to confess something like:

“That I go through all this so I can talk to you

And after all that, I could not see it through”

“Cadillac” by Sun Room

If you like time traveling like us, then you’ll enjoy this “Cadillac” ride to the 60s with Sun Room:

“Well baby I

Don’t dress like him

But now girl

Aren’t you bored of it?”

And that’s what we love about indie music; it dresses differently, so it sure as hell makes you feel differently.

“I love smoking mid” by Hadji Gaviota

With a blend of hip hop and bedroom pop, Hadji Gaviota aims to take you a trip with “I love smoking mid”:

“Can we smoke some mid?


Mid can we?”

Wait, is indie/alternative R&B? Well, if you we absorbed by the light and positive beat of this song we can sure as hell say that it’s music.

“If Snakes Can Afford Fast Cars I Wanna Be A Snake Too” by Yen Strange

Described by many as “moody”, this indie alternative song on the side of pop will have you screaming about your own toxic relationships. Far from encouraging you to talk to your ex, or even think about getting back together (!), it’s more about flipping the bird as you let Yen Strange do the talking for you.

“When I was with you I was desperate

Always had to get attention

I think I’m becoming my exes

Cause I was jealous of your Lexus”

Wait so indie/alternative can be R&B or pop? Babe, indie alternative can be snakes affording cars if you want.

“Be On Your Way” by Daughter

The Daughter we’d all love having, especially if she has enough self-esteem to say things like:

“I won’t hold you back

Time throws us along

And there is never just one human

That the heart should lone belong”

“Be On Your Way” is most definitely something we’d love saying to more than one person, but her calming voice and sound will leave you hoping for a new mentality and fresh start.

“One More Night With No One” by Vistas

If we just read the title we might start feeling pity. But watch out, ‘cause that feeling will soon turn to empowering:

“I know somebody’s better than nobody,

But you wouldn’t say no to one more night with no one.”

Yep, in your face. Vistas not only talk about love, they talk about life and thoughts that have come across our mind at one point or another:

“You spend twenty years growing up,

Three just doing stuff,

Two years regretting it,

We’re still not getting it, no.”

So, what did this playlist do to your brain? If we did our job right, what it definitely didn’t is have you trying to label something that is made to enjoy. And that’s the beauty of our indie alternative monthly playlist: you won’t want to waste time labelling something that’s made to feel.

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