The Best Falling In Love Songs

The Best Falling In Love Songs
13th February 2023 Elena

You’re falling in love quickly, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you still haven’t found what is the best song to confess to your crush? We’d love to give you an answer that would make you happy, but we’re pretty sure that’s not the question you should be asking. We’re even more sure that it’s not us that you should be asking.

Until you build up the courage to face that moment, we will give you a playlist where you can find inspiration and – why not? – motivation. These falling in love songs are meant for you to immerse yourself in, find answers, connect with your emotions, or simply leave your mind wondering about how many great artists 2023 has in store for us.

Falling in Love Playlist by Indiemono

Are you falling in love? Were you asking yourself that same question and that’s why you arrived at this post? Of course, chances are you are falling in love and you just don’t know it yet. Let’s put it this way, if you were hearing birds before you even hit play, then you are very much falling in love, babe.

For Once in My Life – caravan

Of course we had to begin with one of Stevie Wonder’s most bubbly songs! It’s just the beginning and you start seeing rainbows and butterflies:

“For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

Someone I’ve needed so long

For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me

Somehow I know I’ll be strong”

Caravan perfectly transmits the beginning of this “falling in love” journey through a younger voice that can suddenly stretch and leave you wanting more. By the way, if you heard birds at the beginning, that was the song.

Sea of Love – Animal House

If you’re still wondering what is the best song to tell someone you love them, you may want to be careful when confessing through these lyrics:

“Do you remember when we met?

That’s the day I knew you were my pet

I want to tell you

How much I love you”

If they’re anything like us or Animal House – amazing sense of humor and unconditional love for our pets – then they’ll definitely understand. What’s more, if by “pet” they mean that they’ll spoil you and adore you without limits, who wouldn’t dive into that Sea of Love any day of the week?

The Girl – INTRN

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why we all fall for artists. It’s because we would all love to have a song written for or dedicated to us; that is, unless you prefer diamond rings:

“You don’t ask for no diamond rings

No delicate string of pearls

That’s why I wrote this song to sing

My beautiful girl”

If the lyrics were sweet already, INTRN manages to confess in such a way that you wouldn’t mind being The Girl, right?

I Fall In Love Too Easily – Sped Up Version – Sandra Iris

Sandra Iris brings on the jazz in the most genuine way. That sassy yet sweet sound brings us to that moment where love feels like something mischievous:

“My heart should be well-schooled

‘Cause I’ve been fooled in the past

But still I fall in love so easily

I fall in love too fast”

She knows she might end in detention, but she’s enjoying the mischief way too much.

Someone Like You – Camo Columbo

Camo Columbo hits that sensual and romantic spot just right with lyrics such as:

“Someone like you, is so beautifully designed

From the hands, all the way to the mind

Just there to be explored, and then all the while adored”

Enter, huge sigh. This is the spoiling part of love we just talked about. Whether you’re ready to express this to someone or are waiting for someone to tell you, you can press play once again and just be adored. Hey, we deserve it.

If You’re Not The One – LEFT

This song brings us back to the beginning of 2002. And, before you even think about the word “ancient”, we’ll stop you right there. Like Daniel Bedingfield, LEFT transmits that sensitive and too-cute-for-words tone that just makes your heart burst with lyrics such as:

“If you’re not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?”

We know. We feel it too. And that’s why we keep falling back in love again, and again. Because no matter what happens, it’s all about that moment:

“I’ll never know what the future brings

But I know you’re here with me now”

Big Jet Plane – AFTRHOURS

You know you’re going to crush big time, when it simply takes an introduction:

“She said, hello mister

Pleased to meet you

I wanna hold her

I wanna kiss her”

But that’s how it is. AFTRHOURS makes this moment even more dreamlike by distorting sounds in such a way that we also feel time has paused. We only hope that whoever takes you on a Big Jet Plane is planning to get safely to your destination.

Only Hope – Lavinsane

Lavinsane takes on Many Moore’s “Only Hope” and will most definitely mesmerize you with a voice that you won’t be able to escape from. Like hope, it will stay with you till the very end:

“There’s a song that’s inside of my soul

It’s the one that I’ve tried to write over and over again”

A soothing yet powerful vocal, just like the lyrics, that will leave you ready for the last falling in love song.

Let me love you – Adriel Rivera

I think we’ve all sang Mario’s “Let me love you” in the car, shower, while blow drying your hair. No? Just us? Ok. Adriel Rivera leave us with an R&B taste which, at first, might surprise you that it’s on this particular playlist:

“Do you enjoy being hurt?

I know you smelled the perfume

The make-up on his shirt”

You’ll soon understand the judgement when he reveals his true plan: love you and “give you everything you want and need.”

We apologize for making you realize that you’re hopelessly falling in love. But, be honest, you kind of knew already, right?

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