The Best Falling Out of Love Songs

The Best Falling Out of Love Songs
13th February 2023 Elena

Well, you guessed it. This would be the bitter side of love. Don’t worry, we have a post for the sweet part too. If you’ve ever wondered “Why do people fall out of love suddenly?”, then it’s because you’ve been ghosted or, even worse, the term most psychologists like using today: orbited. Whichever it is, it sucks.

You may have landed here because you’re trying to find an answer to “How do you fall out of love with someone?”. This would be the side of the situation that is – hopefully, not about to ghost or orbit – but to come to terms with the fact that they’re simply not feeling the love anymore.

Just to clarify, the term “best” in the title is meant to accompany “songs”; we know that there’s nothing “great” about the journey of falling out of love. Just like when you’re falling in love, we don’t see the end of it because it’s just too damn good. When you’re falling out, you don’t see the end either, because it’s just too damn sad. The silver lining? Music. Always, music.

Falling Out of Love Playlist by Indiemono

We don’t know for how long you may be feeling this way, but one thing’s for sure: we’ve curated this playlist with falling out of love songs so that time can move faster and, why not, maybe find a way to cope with it that can help you turn that bitter side of love to the sweet one.

Someone You Loved – Valentin

We think starting with Valentin’s version of “Someone You Loved” sets the soothing tone for the journey. As your start listening, you may feel you’re “going under” and think about that:

“…somebody to heal

Somebody to know

Somebody to have

Somebody to hold”

If you continue listening and feel that your eyes are about to close, we all do, especially “when it hurts sometimes.” We recommend getting back to this song when you want to “be safe in [her] sound ‘til [you] come back around.”

Hurt – RIELL

If there is one word in the dictionary that best describes this moment, it’s the title of this song covered by RIELL. But like Valentin, this voice gives you no choice but to listen for that hidden message that may give your heart a break.

What’s more, if you know a bit about Johnny Cash’s life, each word just grows with meaning and emotion, from the very beginning:

“I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel

I focus on the pain

The only thing that’s real”

Like any other shock to the heart, you need to hit the ground hard to know where your limit is. It’s also the only way you can “start again a million miles away” and make sure you keep yourself this time.

Changes – Diphda

There’s so much hurt we can swallow up and there comes a point where we need to be a bit more inquisitive; at least, make it clear to ourselves that we didn’t cause this change of events:

“Mmm, baby, I don’t understand this

You’re changing, I can’t stand it

My heart can’t take this damage

And the way I feel, can’t stand it”

Diphda manages to do this so delicately, letting our thoughts resonate with the light piano. His voice gains strength throughout and makes us feel we’re not the only ones in anger or questioning the whole situation. You’ll need this feeling for the next one.

Say Yes – kikomori

kikomori leads us on to more positive vibes and Elliot Smith’s indie folk and pop. If you’re a Good Will Hunting fan, then we’ve just solved the riddle for you if you started mouthing these lyrics:

“I’ll probably be the last to know

No one says until it shows, see how it is

They want you or they don’t

Say yes”

Opposite to the previous one, the song should help us enter the chill zone and keep hoping that this falling out will soon feel more like falling in.

The Breakup Song – High Tropics

Well, if this song needs to be on any playlist, it’s this one. And don’t feel bad if High Tropics manage to get your head tilting or feet stamping on the floor. It happens from the moment you hear:

“We had broken up for good just an hour before

Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh

Now I’m staring at the bodies as there’s dancin’ ‘cross the floor

Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh”

They perfectly describe a situation in which you have just broken up and nostalgia slaps you in the face with a slow song. Our two cents? If it makes you feel good, play it again.

I Just Died In Your Arms – Skinny Dippers

Skinny Dippers helps us dive into pop rock with raw lyrics such as:

“Is there any just cause for feelin’ like this?

On the surface, I’m a name on a list”

Savage, right? But that’s the reality of how we feel: is there a freakin’ point to all this?

I Don’t Wanna Know – Quaiko

With a mixture of lyrics in English and Spanish, Quaiko wraps up this playlist describing that attitude that we’d all love to have and that would definitely make things so much easier:

“’Cause my heart can’t take it anymore

And if you’re creepin’, please don’t let it show”

Because we know, we don’t really have a way out of our feelings:

“No sé cómo sentirme,

sé que no puedo olvidarte ni dejar…”

We hope you liked our playlist and, more importantly, we hope it’s taken you where you needed to be right now. Falling out of love is sad, but never falling in is even sadder.

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