The Perfect Songs to Confess Your Feelings

The Perfect Songs to Confess Your Feelings
6th February 2023 Elena
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How do you confess your feelings to someone? Especially if they’re your best friend and you’re afraid you might mess up the whole thing. We hope you find the answer in this curated list of songs to confess your feelings.

If you’ve landed this post, it’s probably because you’re desperately trying to find a successful way to confess your feelings to someone. And we can all agree that by “successful” we mean “requited”, and by “feelings” we mean “love”. 

We can safely say that we’ve lived every possible outcome, requited and unrequited love. Like always, music supports you when you fall and maintains you when you’re swept off your feet.

Indiemono’s Confession Song List

Although it’s hard to say what is the best song to tell someone you love them, we can at least guide you through some of the best confession songs. Whether you share this Spotify playlist as your confession, use it to confess your feelings using song lyrics, or simply wish to enjoy it as you decide what the heck to do, it’s completely up to you!

Below, we’ve sequenced the songs according to the emotional phases, from the “Oh fuck” phase we realize we have a crush to the “I’ll just keep crushing” inevitable and endless phase. If you’ve made it this far, there’s nothing left to do but press play.

“Heather” by Conan Gray


First up in this love Spotify playlist filled with messages for your crush is “Heather”. And this phase is what we’d call the “Oh fuck” phase. And, why not “Oh yay”, well because this is a phase filled with insecurities and you probably see signs of “unrequited” love all over the place:

“Why would you ever kiss me?

I’m not even half as pretty”

What usually make it worse, is jealousy over someone you feel has grabbed all the attention of the one that is meant for you:

“You gave her your sweater, it’s just polyester

But you like her better

Wish I were Heather”

If we haven’t felt any sign of correspondence, then you may relate to the famous “best friend zone” phase.

“Best Friend” by Rex Orange County

Among the many songs about confessing feelings, this may not be the one to follow word for word. But it’s definitely the one that best describes the “best friend zone” phase:

“And that’s because I wanna be your favorite boy

I wanna be the one that makes your day

The one you think about as you lie awake”

Yes. Once we realize that we are “just that” to the object of our affection, we let our desire fly away into dreamland and, why not, continue to desire.

“Friends” by Chase Atlantic

Although you may think you’re still in the “best friend zone” phase, you’re not. You’ve probably just entered the subphase of “angry best friend zone”:

“Just give me some time and space to realize

That you, were busy lying, sleeping ’round with other guys

And what the hell were we?”

It’s not resentment. You’re feeling used and you’ve given them everything you know they need, but it’s not what they want. The good thing is you’ll soon find peace in this phase and, hopefully, reconcile with the idea that you’re not to blame:

“Tell me we weren’t just friends

This doesn’t make much sense, no

But I’m not hurt, I’m tense

‘Cause I’ll be fine without you, babe (woo)”

Time will go by and, chances are, you’ll still feel “tense”. And this is where you’ll soon enter the “What was I thinking?” phase.

“bad idea!” by girl in red

This phase is usually paired up with “shame” and a sense of “ridicule” no one is really comfortable with. In fact, if you could leave your body for a second, that would be pretty great. You feel you’ve f’d up your friendship just by admitting this crush to yourself:

“It was a bad idea

To think you were the one

Was such a bad idea

‘Cause now everything’s wrong”

That’s fine. Immerse yourself into that phase because it’s the only thing that will help you move forward and realize that you’re just human.

“Someone to You” by BANNERS

Not too sure how you would describe this phase, but we like to call it “I’m only human”. And the truth is we all have had feelings for someone we weren’t sure they corresponded with. And that’s OK. We all want to be noticed, seen, and appreciated by someone, right?

“Dive and disappear without a trace

I just wanna be someone

Well, doesn’t everyone?”

That someone might not be them, as much as we want them to be. The best thing you can do at this point is admit that:

“I just wanna be somebody to someone, oh

I wanna be somebody to someone, oh

I never had nobody and no road home

I wanna be somebody to someone”

Cause, babe, we all do.

“Moral of the Story” by Ashe

Sounds like this should be the last phase, but there’s still one to go. This would be the “I’m happy to be human” phase. Or, at least, this is when you look back with hindsight and evaluate the whole situation:

“You can think that you’re in love

When you’re really just in pain

But this time, you let go of those insecurities and sense of ridicule. It’s not so much that we forgive ourselves and the mistakes we made:

“Some mistakes get made

That’s alright, that’s okay”

It’s more than this; those mistakes need to be made to move on into an even better phase:

In the end it’s better for me

That’s the moral of the story, babe”

And, now, for the very final phase, the “No turning back” phase.

“If I Killed Someone For You” by Alec Benjamin

Ok, so maybe these are not the best lyrics to confess your love through song. If you were to include this one in your Spotify playlist of confession, they may run away. If they’re patient enough though, they may understand that:

The one I killed is me

Changing what I was

For what you wanted me to be”

You may read anger or resentment here, but if you truly understand this phase the way it’s meant to, you’ll see that turning chapter in life is the best thing you can do.

“I followed your direction

Did everything you asked

I hope that makes you happy

‘Cause there’s just no turning back”

You’re probably wondering, “Why do they assume it’s going to end badly?”. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to discourage you from using songs to confess your feelings. But we guessed that if your feelings were corresponded, you wouldn’t have kept reading. If you’re here, it’s because you used these songs to confess your feelings, even if it was to yourself.

And that’s just what we love to do.

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