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  • Feb092024
    Covers n' Cupid: Celebrate Valentine's Day with Indie Love

    Covers n’ Cupid: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Indie Love

    In this blog, we'll explore our curated selection of classic love song covers, each carved with indie artists' unique charm…

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  • Sep202023
    90s Pop Songs: A Hump Day of Nostalgia and Melancholia

    90s Pop Songs: A Hump Day of Nostalgia and Melancholia

    Nostalgia is “a feeling of pleasure and slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past” (Cambridge…

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  • Feb242023
    Neon broken heart to get over a breakup.

    How To Get Over A Breakup: Songs for Every Stage

    We know. It’s Friday and you’re about to read a blog on how to get over a breakup. Very sad.…

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  • Feb132023

    The Best Falling In Love Songs

    You’re falling in love quickly, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you still haven’t found what is the best song to…

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  • Feb062023
    Cover of playlist for songs to confess your feelings.

    The Perfect Songs to Confess Your Feelings

    How do you confess your feelings to someone? Especially if they’re your best friend and you’re afraid you might mess up…

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  • Feb032023
    A hand placing a cassette into car radio to play the top ten love songs.

    The Top Ten Love Songs of Our Time

    No, it’s not another blog about love. It’s a blog about the soundtrack you need for love (see what we…

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  • Feb112022

    Indie love songs for Valentine’s day 💖

    If you’re in love and you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s day or you need to declare your love to someone,…

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