The Best Driving Songs for a Rainy Day

The Best Driving Songs for a Rainy Day
25th October 2023 Elena
The Best Driving Songs for a Rainy Day

It’s Wednesday morning and you look out your window to double-check that what you’ve been hearing is in fact rain. Commute to work is a b****, especially with rain. If you haven’t visited NubeCafé yet, we’re happy to introduce you to it in this post.

Driving songs are popular for a reason. Songs for a rainy day are also timeless. So we figured, since it’s October and there are plenty of rainy days ahead, here’s a list of driving songs for rainy days.

Top 5 Driving Songs for a Rainy Day by NubeCafé

“Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage The Elephant


The song “Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage the Elephant is included in their third studio album, Melophobia (2013), and will make you think deeply and wish for something more:

Did you stand there all alone?

Oh, I cannot explain what’s goin’ down

I can see you standin’ next to me

In and out somewhere else right now

You sigh, look away

I can see it clear as day

Close your eyes, so afraid

Hide behind that baby face

Matt Shultz’s, the lead singer, voice and soft music might push you into feeling a bit of sadness but it also makes you think about life and what you really want. At the end of a rainy day, the lyrics include a message we can all relate to and feel.

“505” by Arctic Monkeys

Originating from Sheffield (England), Arctic Monkeys have solidified their position as one of the most influential rock bands of the 21st century (Please comment if you disagree…).

Renowned for their smart lyrics, intricate guitar compositions, and electrifying performances, they’ve captured our hearts since their debut in 2006. This driving song is featured on their second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007), and marks a pivotal moment in the band’s musical career as it proved their darker side:

Stop and wait a sec

When you look at me like that, my darlin’, what did you expect?

I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck

Or I did last time I checked

Yikes. There’s been a lot of controversy around the meaning of ‘505,’: hotel room number, a time, a date?

“Wash.” by Bon Iver

“Wash.” is a song by the American indie folk band Bon Iver. It is featured on their album i,i (2019). The song is known for its intricate instrumentation and ethereal sound, so characteristic of Bon Iver’s musical style.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of overcoming obstacles and enduring hardships, symbolizing the challenges inherent in striving for progress and betterment. The recurring mention of “Claire” might refer to someone who’s also going through similar trials and tribulations.


Is all we know

When thaw

Is not below us

No, can’t grow up

In that iron ground

Claire, all too sore for sound

It hints at moments of almost giving up, emphasizing the uphill battle of pursuing growth and change. It’s rainy, and still far from the weekend, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck just look back and value how far you’ve come.

“Lost in You” by khai dreams

Lost in You” is a song by the artist khai dreams. It is a popular track known for its dreamy and laid-back vibe, perfect for the inevitable red lights. It might make you feel a sense of nostalgia and introspection as you start reflecting on what you long for and love.

Her soft and heartfelt vocals create a listening experience that’ll make this rainy day more bearable. There’s a reason these lyrics have resonated with many listeners:

I’m just lookin’ for some balance and some trust

I’m just lookin’ for some mutual love

But all I get is unrequited

Why my world always on fire, never chilly?

I used to hate the serious, I used to be so silly

The emotional depth and relatable sentiments, showcase Khai Dreams’ talent for crafting heartfelt and authentic music.

“Water Glass” by Cannon

Cannon, an artist based in Brooklyn, has managed to fuse lively melodies with his unique pop vocals, resulting in a distinctive musical style. Originating from South Carolina, Cannon embarked on his musical journey at the age of 6 (WHAT) composing and performing his initial compositions.

Fast forward to 2020, and the artist has amassed an impressive fanbase, with his tracks getting nearly 4 million plays on Spotify. This driving song we present is his debut single from 2019, which gained 2 million streams, setting the stage for a series of five subsequent singles, including the well-received “These Walls,” making it to Spotify’s most popular curated playlists, apart from NubeCafé, of course:

Monday you my coffee and Tuesday you my wine

And Wednesday up to Friday you the drink I need at five

Saturday, a chaser, ’cause I overdo it bad

And Sunday morning you my water glass

Sunday morning you my water glass

Having recently graduated from Boston College, Cannon has now dedicated himself entirely to the music industry, which has undoubtedly embraced his talent.

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