If A Black Cat Were Music, Would It Be Indie Alternative?

If A Black Cat Were Music, Would It Be Indie Alternative?
27th October 2023 Elena
If A Black Cat Were Music, Would It Be Indie Alternative?

If a black cat were music, it would be mystery, elegance, and a hint of playfulness. Dark and alluring tones to the beat of an enigmatic nature. A subtle blend of smooth, velvet-like melodies and captivating rhythms that’ll spark curiosity and a sense of enchantment. Lively and unpredictable notes that’ll remind you to never let your guard down.

If a black cat were all those things, it might definitely be indie alternative.

If A Black Cat Were Music, It Might Sound Like This

In case you didn’t know, this post about Black Cat Day! Well, actually it’s about indie alternative songs to rediscover. Like Black Cats, there always something new to learn about them.

“Bom Bom Bom” by Living Things

This rocky tune by the band Living Things is included in their album Habeas Corpus (2009). You’ll soon notice an energetic and contagious rhythm, combined with raw and rebellious vocals. Well, like any meow.

It carries a powerful and aggressive tone, with a strong punk rock influence and a sense of urgency. Another clear meow. The lyrics often touch upon themes of political and social unrest, reflecting the band’s outspoken and confrontational style:

I can’t drink but drive a tank at nineteen

So, I set off to join the U.S. Army

The first time I left my country

I felt the desert sand marchin’ under my feet

It’s become for many an anthem for those seeking to challenge the status quo.

“Out For You” by Colyer

Making the most of his peculiar upbringing, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Colyer has certainly carved a musical path. Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and now living in Los Angeles, he sees life through a vintage lens.

Next to “Lost in Your Love“, this track presented here has surpassed 1M Spotify streams each. Well, let’s just say a certain lady in LA stole his heart and became the muse for this musical masterpiece:

I’m like a stone rolling anywhere the river will flow

Let’s take a drive through the border down to old Mexico

There’s something

About the way you hang your legs out of that car window

You know, you know, you know

The day’s running but I’m out for you

Like a Persian, a mix of silky smooth vocals and gritty guitars that’ll have you hitting that reply button.

“Something 4 the Weekend” by Super Furry Animals

Welsh rock band Super Furry Animals released this track in 1996, also featured in their debut album Fuzzy Logic (1996). Well, besides de obvious reason for choosing this song… It has elements of indie rock, power pop, and psychedelic rock, so characteristic of the band’s early sound. And black cats…

This track is a warning that tries to evidence the risks of going overboard, getting lost in the moment and the long-lasting impact it can have on our minds and our lives. The words paint a picture of trying things out, maybe some wild substances, just for the thrill or curiosity’s sake:

First time, I did it for the hell of it

Stuck it on the back of my tongue and then swallowed it

Second time, things are getting easier

Blow me down, this wind’s getting breezier

Third time lucky, maybe feeling fuzzy

Oh my god, we’re getting hippy dippy

Four, six, seven, man I’m in heaven

And I’m growing my beard before it gets sheared

Well, you know what happens to curious cats, right?

“Needle” by Born Ruffians

The track “Needle” by Canadian rock band Born Ruffians features in their 2013 album Birthmarks. If you’re a black cat, and you’re able to read, get ready for some serious feels… This track explores the feeling of being adrift, always on the hunt for a spot to call home.

It’s actually the chorus that brings the message of seeking a place to fit in, hoping that the hunt will soon come to an end:

Needle in the hay, lost but in my place

Peaceful in my way, hope I never have to sow again

Tumble, tumble down as I take the ground

Make a mighty sound, know what I am, know when I found a way

A way, a way, a way to always belong

Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone

A way, a way, a way to always belong

Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone

Although it ends on a sad note with the protagonist acknowledging that they might never truly find where they belong, a hint of optimism assures them that it won’t be long before they discover peace.

“3,6,9” by Cat Power

Well, it was the best way to wrap up this post. Cat Power brings “3,6,9”, a story of an emotionally tired and overwhelmed soul. A sense of isolation can make us long for independence and freedom:

I feel, I feel tired, awake all night

Head so heavy like a wastebasket

I feel choke, emotionally broke

In the gutter and I’m still looking down

I feel alone

The 3-6-9 is a wink to The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis, which says “3-6-9 the goose drank wine.” Listen closely and you’ll hear an accompanying hand-clapping.

Whatever you’ve felt throughout, that’s the whole point of indie alternative: to make you feel.

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