Remember, Remember These New Indie Alternative Songs

Remember, Remember These New Indie Alternative Songs
6th November 2023 Elena
Remember, Remember These New Indie Alternative Songs

November is a month that marks the transition from fall to winter in many parts of the world. It’s also a time for reflection, gratitude, and getting ready for Christmas! Yep, if you’ve been to the supermarket lately, at least in Spain, you can forget about the diet: Xmas goodies everywhere!

It’s also a great time to discover new indie alternative songs! Then again, what time isn’t great for our Indiemono monthly playlist?

New Indie Alternative Vibes for November 2023


“I Might be Fake” by Master Peace (feat. Georgia)

Master Peace was actually on point with his artistic name. He’s claimed his forthcoming debut album, How To Make A Master Peace (March 1st, 2024), to be his most alternative creation that aims to make something people would not expect. This comes from an eclectic singer, rapper, and songwriter who has proven to masterfully blend elements from hip-hop, pop, and electronic music.

Through the lyrics of this album teaser, we can see one of this artist’s most recurrent themes, self-exploration and self-discovery:

I know how to deal

Blue rose sold as real

I know everytime you lay your eyes on me

I see exactly who I’m supposed to be

The chorus gifts us with vocals from Georgia, another artist who likes exploring identity, self-expression, and personal experiences:

I’m just a poor boy, go easy my friends

Head full of dreams, pockets made of pretend

Even the greats sometimes get it wrong, too

I might be fake, but I’ll always love you

“Hello” by Q

Q, born Q Steven Marsden, seemed to be destined for success, startying with his name. His dad chose the letter Q for his name, as he wanted his son to make something unique. Well, “weird” in his own words.

Once you start listening to his music, you’ll understand who influenced the son of Jamaican inmigrants: Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, and Bob Marley. Best know for his album, The Shave Experiment (2021), he continues to break the R&B mold, and this November track is no exception:

Feels like a million years since I got out of bed

My brain’s fried from the lies I’ve been tellin’ myself

To be honest, I have secrets that I always kept

And now it’s time for me to get out and just me myself

This once unseacrhable name, will have us on the edge of our seats expecting more and more. Wanna bet?

“DAT WORD” by Sam Truth

Sam Truth already captured our souls upon his release of Child (2020). He undressed his experience with homelessness and marked the end of a turblent phase in his life. Don’t be confused, his songs are all about hope and looking forward.

His influence? Indie, hip-hop, and bedroom rap all converge in his music. Reminiscent of Odd Future‘s early days, his work is a homemade product of hours spent in improvised studios by crafting beats with whatever equipment was at hand.

“DAT WORD” features in Stray Dog Heaven (2023), and revolves around the idea of unrequited love. Well, at least about that “l-o-v-e” word he’d love to have said back:

Dat word,

Just show me what you got,

Dat word,

Show me what you got

This artist has defintely become an influence himself.

“Cold Reactor” by Everything Everything

Everything Everything hits again with a provoking message in “Cold Reactor”, their latest relases. Their thought-provoking and intellectual style was already established in RE-ANIMATOR (2020), where they also explored contemporary societal and technological issues.

This new indie alternative release, is all about searching for a meaning in a modern and increasingly automated world:

So we built a mountain

By digging an almighty hole

And on our backs we carried every rock and stone

But now the hole is deeper

Than anybody ever planned

And we’re blocking out the sun

So, are we killing time? Or are we letting it kill us?

“Before We Step Inside” by Charlie Burg

After a list of raw and vulnerable stories, we thought you might like to wrap up November on a tender new indie alternative note. Charlie Burg‘s “Before We Step Inside”, is exactly that. It’s also his first new release after his debut album Infinitely Tall (2020).

After posting what had been a forgotten tune on TikTok, it stuck to fans like glue. The lyrics clearly show the end of a love story by opposing feeling of euphoria (the context is a party) and despair (someone is about to end a relationship, and we suspect it’s not the narrator…):

“Before we step inside, you should know”

You said as you lit your cigarette

And your nose glowed red

I felt it just a few days ago

This ache in my bones

It’s as if I caught a glimpse of the end

Our monthly playlists are becoming more and more of fresh blends and courages mixes of indie alternative subgenres and sounds. So, keep it coming!

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