Lo-Fi Chill Study Songs for National Cappuccino Day

Lo-Fi Chill Study Songs for National Cappuccino Day
8th November 2023 Elena
Lo-Fi Chill Study Songs for National Cappuccino Day

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Cappuccino Day! This means you can bathe yourself in a perfect combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam that make up this frothy and rich coffee experience. Yep, we’re coffee fans.

We also love a music experience that can blend as easily with exam periods! Let’s face it, there are two things that you need when exams approach: coffee and music. This is why NubeCafé has created a playlist of chill study songs.

Lo-Fi Chill Study Songs by NubeCafé

There’s a reason why some of the best chill study songs are instrumental. No lyrics, no distraction. Simply let the musical instruments speak to you through melody, harmonies, rhythm, and emotion. On this Chill study playlist, you’ll find all the sounds you need to create that perfect setting. Go for that A! Or, at least, chill.


“Controlla” by Idealism

A chiller instrumental version of Drake‘s “Controlla,” Idealism brings a lo-fi hip-hop track. You may have heard similar previous work as he’s known for producing chill and soothing lo-fi music,  often incorporating a twist of jazz and hip-hop into the compositions.

This chill song made for your study time, especially that tormentous beginning, is a clear example of Idealism’s style: laid-back melodies, gentle beats, and a calming atmosphere. Lo-fi hip-hop tracks like this are often used for relaxation, as background music for studying, working, or simply unwinding.

Since they have a reputation for setting a tranquil and contemplative mood, this is an ideal sound for you to concentrate, whether it’s to understand or memorize.

“This girl” by Elijah Who

Continuing with lo-fi hip-hop, this study track is by Elijah Who, known for producing chill and relaxing lo-fi music. You’ll also find traits of jazz, soul, and hip-hop in their purest forms in his music. “this tirl” reflects his signature style: smooth and mellow instrumental with a laid-back groove.

If you add soothing melodies, gentle beats, and calming samples, you cannot help but get that brain working. It’s the kind of music often used for relaxation, background study or work, and just plain unwinding.

Now, if you want to make it all about caffeine and study, check out his track “black coffe“!

“French Inhale” by [bsd.u]

“French Inhale” is an instrumental lo-fi hip-hop track by the artist [bsd.u] (pronounced “beside you”), aka “BSD,”  is the stage name of a Canadian musician and producer named Selarom. This artist is known for creating instrumental lo-fi hip-hop and chill-hop music. In other words, that laid-back, jazzy, and mellow sound you need to relax before you open the thickest geometry textbook ever!

Like most lo-fi hip-hop music, you’ll notice smooth melodies, soothing beats, sampled elements, and that vinyl crackle and hiss that makes anything worth listening to.

“lovesick” by potsu

potsu is a 28-year-old musician from Osaka (Japan) who rose to fame with his single “i’m closing my eyes” in 2016. He has definitely gained recognition for his unique soundscapes and dreamy melodies. Not all of his songs are instrumental, of course, and those containing lyrics explore love, loss, and continues to experiment with themes.

His chill and relaxed lo-fi music has definitely won him a secure spot in the lo-fi hip-hop community and it wouldn’t be surprising to find this artist on most playlists dedicated to lo-fi hip-hop genre or other study and relaxation playlists on YouTube and Spotify. But, which better place than NubeCafé?

“With U” by SwuM, Ideralism

This collaborative track by SwuM and Idealism features the whole checklist for lo-fi hip-hop instrumental songs including waterfall sounds. So, if you’re on your third or fourth cappuccino, pause for a sec and then come back to this track. Just saying.

Originally from Israel, at 23 he had already served 3 years in the Army and had established himself in New York City. Although, we’re pretty sure that if you’re a SoundCloud user, you’ve already come across this artist.


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