What is Bedroom Pop? Top Songs of 2021

What is Bedroom Pop? Top Songs of 2021
4th November 2021 sandra
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Bedroom Pop is now one of the most important genres in the indie ecosystem. We’ve been listening to a lot of new music this year (as you might guess) and we’ve created a list of the Bedroom Pop Top Songs of 2021. And remember that if you want to submit your music, you can do it here. We also have this playlist for you:

1. spill tab-PISTOLWHIP

One of the most innovative productions on this list. spill tab managed to create a lot of textures and to translate the different moods that you can experience when someone that you love, lies to you. “It’s about getting cheated on and the dichotomy of wanting to strangle the other person, but also being shot down and vulnerable”

I hate you too
Laying in the hotel room
But if you cut me loose
I’ll never get to say I fixed you



2. Arthur- Huron John

Huron John knows what love at first sight is. The song is the perfect representation of getting lost in your daydreams while you meet someone. The production mixes retro and futuristic elements. The perfect analogy of being nostalgic about youth and excited for a future with someone.

Dancin’ in the backroom, magic in your perfume
We can get lost (La-la-la)
Groovin’ in the background, I’ve been lost but you found
We can exhaust (Yeah)



3. PINCH ME-young friend

Catchy pop-rock guitar and depressing lyrics. What else do you want?

I’m not the same that I was when I was 17
All those old friends that I had, they don’t remember me
Must’ve blocked me outta their memories
So heavenly, who they pretend to be



4. Lucy- KALI

“‘Lucy’ is definitely one of the more light and playful songs I’ve produced, if not the most on the EP. With the video, we really wanted to create the visual representation of the dreamy and enchanting feelings of infatuation I was writing about. But at the same time, we wanted to emphasize the darker side of those emotions and the unfortunate reality of the relationship that I was writing about. I think on the surface ‘Lucy’ can be taken as a really bubbly song, but looking a little deeper reveals that not everything is as black and white as it seems and that there are many sides to every story. ‘Lucy’ is like an onion, as Shrek would say.”

She didn’t want the world to know
She never lets her feelings show (feelings show)
But Lucy’s finally letting go (she’s letting go)


5. KEEPTHEPACE- Dreamer Boy

The song combines energy and anger with dreamy atmospheres where Dreamer Boy assures himself promising that everything will be okay but then the anxiety comes back. 
Well that’s fine
I think that everything will be alright
And I try
But far too many times I fall behind

6. Just for me- Pink Pantheress

Pink Pantheress is one of the best discoveries of 2021. She started creating her own tracks in her bedroom. Her music oscillates between drum and bass, jungle and pop. The song talks about being obsessed with someone. We love the honesty here.

I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe
When you wipe your tears, do you wipe them just for me?


7. Go Wrong- Hauskey

“If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing,” Yes, a little bit but we also love it.

“Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so, we have ‘Go Wrong;’ me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small, because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”

8. Clay Pigeon- binki

” A clay pigeon is someone I want to open up to me or invest time in, but I’m not willing to do the same. I wanna play along but I got no skin in the game. I was in a situation where I was more focused on my dreams than building a relationship. I think it happens to a lot people and I’m just trying to navigate those feelings in this song.”

Last week
I flew around like a hero
And my shoulders were touching other shoulders
While I’m here
I think I’ll dip my toes in


9. Hush-The Marias

The Marias combine their dreamy voice with a dark and electronic instrumental, experimenting with new elements in their music.

Don’t talk so much
Your tongue is burning up
I’ve had enough
Forget about it



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