Best Sad Songs to cry at 2AM

Best Sad Songs to cry at 2AM
28th October 2021 sandra
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You’re about to sleep and suddenly a feeling of sadness travels through your body. We all have been there but we couldn’t do that without a soundtrack, here we have the best sad songs to cry at 2AM. Because sometimes we don’t want to be happier, all that we’re looking for is companionship and music is our best friend.

We crafted this playlist to make you feel comfortable on that nights.


My Tears Are Becoming A Sea –M83

M83 remind us that being sad doesn’t mean being alone. We all have been there and if you could travel outer space your problems would seem very small.  This tendency to relativize is not only in their music, but their name, M83 also comes from the name of a galaxy. See? Everything looks less problematic from a bigger perspective.

I’m slowly drifting to
The stars and the planets
Are calling me
A billion years away from you
I’m on my way



Lauren- Men I Trust

And if we’re talking about nature, Men I Trust sings their deep thoughts about this exact issue. Sometimes we get trapped in ourselves and we forget that nature is outside. The world keeps waiting for you. Why don’t you explore it?

Rather chase a gentle breeze
Set my thoughts by taller trees
Cause I can’t stay forever, (a-a-a-a)
Cause I can’t stay forever, (a-a-a-a)
By my window


Apartment 402- girl in red

Describing feelings of uncertainty and sadness, girl in red shows us her vulnerability through this song but she remains hopeful because there will be better days where the sun will light up this dark room.

When the sunlight hits the dust
And I can’t get up
When the noise is way too much
I close the void and burn it off
But there’s a crack in every wall
Is there a way out after all?
If I lose my grip and fall
Will I?




I was all over her- Salvia Path

If you’ve ever ended up a night in a stranger’s house and laying on their bed just to feel a bit more loved, you know what this song is talking about.
Every stranger
Makes me feel safer
And every person
Seems more beautiful



Feel Safe- All We Are

The interpretation to this one is open but have you ever felt like you did your best to make up things with someone but it just doesn’t work out? and you’re still there prolonging the suffering…
Remember how we lost it,
Remember how we worked to make it hurt
Even though we own it
It doesn’t make you feel safe, feel safe

Sleep Apnea- Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils created the perfect piece of art to describe feelings of numbness. You want to pay attention, you want to care and to go outside but you lack of energy.  The song is really cohesive and the lyrics, the singer’s voice and the instrumental match perfectly, recreating this feeling of apathy.

Sometimes I’m the one to know what it means to care about the things you want to do
Everybody’s living or they’re dead and I’m still in my bed, I don’t have a clue



So if you’re ever feeling lonely at night. We’re here to make it a little easier.

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