Synth-pop and constant changes – a Meric Banana Interview

Synth-pop and constant changes – a Meric Banana Interview
23rd March 2022 sandra

🎧 What is your current favorite / guilty pleasure / go-to playlist? ( no pressure, it doesn’t have to be Indiemono’s)
Meric February

What is the inspiration behind your synth-pop sound? When did you become interested in this style?

As someone who has been producing EDM since he was fourteen years old, starting off with Progressive House, moving to Future Bass while watching my productions turn into more pop year by year it, I can say that the Synth-Pop sound just “somehow” came together on its own. (Every time I tried to create pop music it just sounded like Synth-Pop). Must be it being the perfect merge of the sounds that stuck with me from my “EDM-Habits” and the elements I pick up from songs I hear in the charts.

However, I don’t really like referring to something as my “sound”. It is just whatever happens while I’m working on a song. I just pick random sounds that come in handy and complete the song and as I said my “EDM-habits” somehow always pick the same synths – haha. My real focus, for now, is capturing the story behind the songs and having it reflected in my lyrics and voice. Sharing what I got in my mind, that desperately waits to be heard by people that’d actually care about what I’m trying to communicate. Still to this day, I’m waiting on that one person who will ask me about the meaning of my songs and the stories behind them. I got those intense movies in my head all day long about things I pick up from my own life, such as experiences, people I’ve met and their stories, my own aspirations, and dreams, desires, whatever it is – I just love to make up movies in my head inspired by my own life and feel very entertained by thinking of them all day long. It is definitely the need to share those “movies” with the world that keeps me creating music.
Funny story but last week I had friends over who stayed with me for a couple of days. If they hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have realized that I was listening to an idea of mine on loop for like five hours a day for three days straight while being totally disconnected from everyone. Pretty sure I won’t find the right words to express this, but there is nothing better than listening to your own music while watching its music video in your own little private cinema that is located in your imagination.
Still, the dream and final goal is to create movies along with the greatest music.

What does “Lovemazing” mean to you?

Love Mazing is just another story I had to share. Funny how I just said that I’m dying to have people ask me about the meaning of my songs, but seriously for this one, I’d rather just have everyone paint their own picture.

You also create house music under the name of “Meric Again”. If you had to choose only one genre, which one would it be?

I love timeless Pop music.

You are a one-man-band but would you like to collaborate with more artists? If so, with who?

Please don’t hate me but, I can’t come up with any names haha. Really don’t know who I’d collaborate with, but I can definitely see myself working with others in the future!

If you were a… music genre?

Pop! Every 6 months my life drastically changes and I come up with a completely new personality. I think the next change is due in five months. Wish me luck!

❤️‍🔥 What was your favorite pickup line?

Do you really think I need pickup lines?

A story that happened with a fan worth telling

I don’t have fans yet 🙁 but I will keep you updated on this question!

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

As this is the first interview I’ve ever done, I hope people will dig this out in ten years and quote it somewhere.

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