Happy songs covered in blood – a Fake Dad Banana Interview

Happy songs covered in blood – a Fake Dad Banana Interview
31st March 2022 sandra
Fake Dad Indiemono

Your song “John Cusack” is a very eclectic track in which you even introduce drum and bass elements. We know this is a hard task, but how would you define your genre in one word or line?

indie r&b with a synthwave undertone. It’s Wave Pop babey!

How did “Fake Dad” come to life? What is the story behind it?

We (Andrea and Josh) started dating in school—at that time, we were both making music on our own. Showing each other interesting music was always a love language for us, so it was just inevitable to start helping and giving input on each other’s songs. before we knew it, everything we made was more of a collaboration than a piece of solo work. It happened so naturally, even though neither of us had really successfully collaborated with someone else before. Our creative visions were so different at the start, but we really broadened each other’s horizons and found our way together to a much cooler and more unique sound than either of us was making before. That’s what’s still at the core of our music—the push and pull between our different perspectives and ideas. If we always thought of the same exact ideas for a song, there would be no benefit to making it together!


What are the topics that inspire you the most to create music?

Often other art mediums like tv shows, poems, films, novels, and short stories. Our biggest inspiration though usually just comes from living—every day interactions with friends or strangers in new and old places. We both can’t help but people watch and eavesdrop when we’re in public settings, like on the subway or on the streets of New York, so sometimes inspiration will just hit from something we overhear on the train, or a stranger who seems to have a really interesting story.


Your songs sound uplifting but you appear covered in blood in your photographs. What is the thinking behind the paradox between your brand image and your sound?

That’s that push and pull again! We love making happy-sounding songs about sad subjects. A lot of our music is about imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, self-doubt, and just generally having a complicated relationship with yourself (which we both do), and we want to reach people who that resonates with. But what we really want is for people to find solace in that moment of connection—a sad feeling can be happy when you realize you aren’t alone in it. That juxtaposition is what we try to present in our shoots. (Plus, we just really vibe with campy, off-putting imagery)


If you were a… type of breakfast?

a BEC (bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich—a New York staple) of course!

❤️‍🔥 What’s your favorite Youtube Channel?

Not technically a youtube channel, but a tiktok account, @sylvaniandrama. they create these hyper-specific, high-drama situations using calico critters. They all feel way to specific to be made up—I think it’s possibly someone’s real-life diary. Our favorite is the one about the elephant that ends up in a coma because her frenemy whose dad owns Shein accidentally drops a refrigerator on her head from the balcony, (set to “What The Hell” by Avril Lavigne)

Fuck, marry kill in the music business…GO!

Fuck—Finneas. I just feel like if we met he would GET me. I just know we would click. Finneas hit my line

Marry—Brittany Howard. I want to live together in a nice A-Frame in Asheville, North Carolina and just constantly be making her chamomile tea. That’s all I would do.

Kill—Benny Blanco. If he can even truly be killed


What’s in your opinion heavily overrated?

any dog with “Oodle” in the name. Let’s move on.


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