Rainbows and a song for his cat- a Paul The Neighbour Banana Interview

Rainbows and a song for his cat- a Paul The Neighbour Banana Interview
20th January 2022 sandra
Paul The Neigbour by Indiemono

You use rainbows in your aesthetic a lot. What do they mean to you? 🌈

They’re the beautiful compromise of sun & rain. They can show us that combining the bright and dark elements in our lives will emerge in something colorful 🙂


We know that you like psychedelia. Who are your favorite artists in this genre? Do you think that your music has a psychedelic feel?

My favourite “psychedelic” artists would have to be Donovan, ELO, The Beatles, Margo Guryan, and The Doors. I believe, even though I started recording my own music because of these artists, it is not necessarily psychedelic. Well, maybe just a little bit 🙂



We know that you like psychedelia. Do you feel closer to the 60’s psychedelic sounds or the neo-psychedelia from bands like Tame Impala?

I guess I can relate a bit more to neo-psychedelic bands since we’re all enchanted by the sound of the late 60s & 70s yet we’re stuck in a time that feels very far away and different from back then.


You travel pretty often. Which is your favorite country and the one that you think values music the most?

I have had beautiful musical and human experiences in Indonesia. It’s where I first really started writing songs and where I spent a lot of time playing with local musicians.


You have a song dedicated to your neighbour’s cat. How did you come out with this idea? Did they like it? (the cat and your neighbour)

Well actually it’s the other way around! It was my cat’s birthday and my neighbour and I wrote that song about him. A lot of our friends are playing different instruments on that recording as an ode to our favorite neighbourhood kitty. We all loved it and my cat really didn’t seem to care much.


You seem to have a very deep connection with nature. Also, we know you have this weekly tradition of doing an excursion every Sunday (s/o to your next EP Sunday Excursions) How does that influence your art?

Yes, the Sunday Excursion has been a long-lasting tradition! Every Sunday we gather up a bunch of friends and explore the beaches and forests around Amsterdam. It’s such a great way to end & start a new week! A whole day every week reserved for nature, friends & good food! It really helped me to finish my album by giving me a little creative reset every Sunday 🙂


If you were a… type of breakfast?

Porridge – with oat milk, frozen berries & loads of fruit. Literally what I eat every day


❤️‍🔥 What’s your favorite musical guilty pleasure?


Send us a picture as a kid


Tell us something weird about you

I hate raw tomatoes but love everything made out of tomatoes


📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

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