Traveling is nice but people make the place- a JW Francis Banana Interview

Traveling is nice but people make the place- a JW Francis Banana Interview
12th January 2022 sandra
JW Francis Banana Interview

All your songs have some kind of lo-fi sound. Why did you choose this kind of sound? What does it transmit to you?

I’ve always had a soft spot for demo-quality versions of songs. They sound raw and exciting.


If you had to choose one color, one season, one music influence, and one flower to describe your music, which ones would you use?

Blue, Fall, Cate Le Bon, Rose.

JW Francis



Even if the melodies are catchy and uplifting, your new album seems to talk about escapism.“John, take me with you” Where would be that fantasy land that you would like to escape to?

I thought I was looking for a physical place, but after doing some traveling, I believe it’s more a state of mind that I’m looking for. Some place in your head you feel completely free to do whatever you want.


Are you a wander kid? Even for every wanderer, there is always a place that is home. What’s yours?

I am a wanderkid, I haven’t really had much of a home base these past 8 months. I’m lucky in the fact that I have a few home bases – Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Chelsea, Vermont, NYC, Paris.


We can see that you travel a lot, what’s the thing that has inspired you the most in these travels

People make the place. Hands down, the people you meet when traveling are the most inspiring.


If you were a…Disney Princess?

Ariel from Little Mermaid. She’s so full of longing for something different.


❤️‍🔥 What’s your favorite moment of the day or night

My favorite moment of day or night is very, very late when everyone has gone to bed I like to stay up and write

How much money would it take for you to open an Only Fans?

$0 I’m seriously considering doing this, just less sexy than what people might expect, tasteful butt pics you bet though!


What song is 10/10, yet hardly anyone has heard of it?

The River by Michael Farneti – I thought it was an absolute classic, it’s one of my favorite songs but no one knows it!


📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

Anything you want to add before we finish?

Check in on me at Valentine’s Day for a surprise 🙂

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