NEW Indie/Alternative Playlist October 2022 by Indiemono 🎃

NEW Indie/Alternative Playlist October 2022 by Indiemono 🎃
6th October 2022 Erin Wilborn
New Indie Alt October

Is it just us, or did September fly by?? While we may not have a full grasp on the passing of time, we would NEVER forget to drop our updated curations on our NEW Indie/Alternative playlist! For October we’re vibing with complex and layered production, groovy hooks, and tracks that defy genre and expectation. 

To get you hyped for our October updates, we’re breaking down what we’re loving about our Top 10 tracks on our updated NEW Indie/Alternative playlist below:

1. Adios – JAWNY

Quick lyricism, clever turns of phrase, and an upbeat and playful chorus whimsically contrast with the storytelling context of this track by JAWNY, which is ultimately a breakup song. Still cruising off the success of their 2019 single Honeypie, this track expands on JAWNY’s signature sound and tongue-in-cheek lyrical wit. Take the music video for Adios for a spin down below!

I was thinking something sweet
But you wouldn’t let me speak
And in my head I’m thinking oh no

2. Break! – Fazerdaze

This track is just begging for a feature on the soundtrack for an indie teen rebel movie. With sonic distortion, snappy guitar riffs, and lyrics whose power lies in their unabashed vulnerability, this track is perfect to put on if you’re in need of the perfect song to craft your main character moment. 

Something gotta give, something’s gotta giveSomething’s gotta change, something’s gotta changeYou just try to live, you just try to liveWell i’m just gonna break i’m just gonna break

3. PIRATE RADIO* – Jean Dawson

Jean Dawson’s vulnerable lyricism, soft and powerful vocals, and genre-bending sound make this mellow track one of our top picks for this playlist update. The indie folk guitar plucking mixed with punchy, almost punk-sounding vocalization in the chorus proves that Jean Dawson has infinite sonic tricks up his sleeve, and he’s definitely one to watch. The music video for PIRATE RADIO* isn’t something you want to skip over, either. 

I like to think that I’m all inI like to think that I’m thereI push my head underwaterJust to come up for air

4. Tonight (feat Ezra Koenig) – Phoenix

I mean, do we need any more evidence that Indie Sleaze is a real thing?? This collab is taking us right back to the height of our Tumblr days. With its bright and groovy bassline, quick and upbeat lyricism, and catchy hooks, this track sounds like it could have been released in 2011 in the best way. 

Could you, could you come tonight?I’m countin’ from the thunderCould you, could you come tonight?I got a feelin’ that you know the number


5. Forever Is A Charm – Princess Chelsea

With its breathy vocals, spectacularly eerie production, and slightly haunting in its intonations this track feels so right to welcome the beginning of spooky season. We can see the witches from Hocus Pocus cooking up some trouble with this track on repeat. 

Forever is a charm and it’s never getting better
It’s nothing like the words that you wrote in your letter
Forever is a charm and it’s never getting better
It’s nothing like the words that you wrote in your letter


6. Second Nature – Dayglow

This upbeat and bright synth-heavy track is the perfect song if you need something to groove to. Dayglow’s frontman Sloan Struble’s mission is to create music that just “makes people feel good,” and this track is almost infectious in its capacity for eliciting joy. Mission accomplished. 

This isn’t second nature loveIt’s the first thing that comes to my beingI feel it like I feel it now, becauseThe rhythm, it keeps on repeating, it’s on and onAnd I feel it so right


7. Desire – Sumner

This Tasmanian electronic duo has done it again, creating a colorful, energetic, uplifting track that is as complex as it is catchy. Exploring themes of intimacy, joy, and most obviously desire (duh), this track is perfect to put on at your next kickback or whenever you need a spontaneous dance break.  

We’re counting planets, while you’re holding onto me
The sun is rising, colour like ultramarine
It’s in your presence, making real of fantasy
I’m in your spell, I’m always wanting you around


8. CASPER – Jeffrey Eli

Earnest, vulnerable, and with harmonious and layered production, we’ll be listening to this expansive track by Jeffrey Eli all month. Known for their sense of internet humor, powerful vocal abilities, and overall “queer fairytale” vibe, we can’t wait to see what Jeffrey Eli has up their sleeve next. 

I just want love (I just want love)I just want love, I just want loveIs that too much? (Is that too much?)Is that too much? (Is that too much?)


9. Trouble – The Big Moon

Moving forward from their previous coming-of-age album Walking Like We Do, this single from The Big Moon feels grounded, present, and sure of itself. Poignant lyrics, stunning vocals, and powerful hooks make this bold track an anthem for self-discovery. 

Trouble don’t last forever
Trouble is your memory’s do
And every time I remember
Something is a little less true

10. Sushine – Arden Jones

Confrontational, rebellious, and unapologetic, this new single from Arden Jones is part of the artist’s New Age Tape project that drops the first Thursday of every month of 2022. Arden Jones has only been releasing tracks since 2021 and has already amassed a large fanbase and a prolific body of work. To sum it up, Arden Jones is definitely one to watch.

I’m sorry I’m not Mr. SunshineAll jokes, ’til I start feeling like the punchlineI know that you want Mr. Optimistic, that ain’t realisticI ain’t Mr. Sunshine

Get your fix on the best new indie and alternative releases out there, make sure you’re following our NEW Indie/Alternative curated playlist on Spotify! We update it every month for your own personal enjoyment. 

Got a track you think we’d vibe with? Submit your released track for playlist curation consideration here. It’s free, people!!

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