Ultimate Chill Playlist Guide

Ultimate Chill Playlist Guide
3rd October 2022 Erin Wilborn

At Indiemono, we know that the simple words “chill” or “vibe” carry so much weight, especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect playlist to suit your hyper-specific mood. You shouldn’t have to diminish or simplify the exact vibe you’re looking for when it comes to your personal soundtrack, and with the help of our playlist curators, you don’t have to.

Our dream team of independent Spotify curators has gone above and beyond to hone in on every possible angle or context of “chill” or “vibe” or even “chill vibe” playlists, making finding the perfect curated playlist to accompany whatever you’re vibing with easier than ever before. To help unite you with your perfect vibe playlist, we’ve gathered all our Chill or Vibe curations in one place below:

2022 Chill Vibes

If you’re going through your day looking for something laidback and vibey while keeping up with new releases from your favorite chill music artists, our 2022 Chill Vibes playlist is your new personal loop. We keep this playlist updated with all the latest releases from 2022 and beyond because we know that there’s nothing that kills the vibe quite like an overplayed track. Mellow beats, smooth vocals, and toned-down production make this playlist the perfect chill pill.

Saturday Morning Chill

Whether you’re a little bit hungover from a crazy Friday night out or just want to start off the weekend relaxed, our Saturday Morning Chill playlist is here to wrap you in like a warm and fuzzy sonic hug between your ears. From Saturday morning jazz to laidback ambient tracks and groovy chill indie songs, our team of Spotify curators has found the best chill vibe tracks to make sure your weekend begins on a mellow note. Grab your cup of coffee or tea, pull up the covers again, and bask in the comfort of our Saturday Morning Chill playlist.

Evening Chill Songs 2022

If golden hour could make its own playlist, this selection of chill and vibey tunes would be its go-to soundtrack. With relaxed acoustic indie songs, chill and vibey covers, and a few relaxed R&B tracks, this curated Spotify chill playlist is here to help you kick back and relax after a busy day of doing you.

2am Songs

It’s late and the world outside is sleeping, but you’re still up and searching for the perfect playlist to vibe to. Enter our chill 2am Songs playlist, your new late-night hero. With groovy laidback rhythms, dreamy beats, and ethereal vocals, this playlist is the perfect soundtrack to all your late-night thinking because some songs just hit different at 2 am.

Indie Lofi Chillout

Full of dreamy bedroom pop, lo-fi indie tracks, and soft indie vibe songs, this playlist is here for you when you need a little chill during an anxious moment. With dreamy vocals, chill acoustic tracks, and vibey rhythms, our curated Indie Lofi Chillout is the perfect soundtrack for letting go of that breath you’ve been holding all day.

Chill Covers

For when you want the comfort and familiarity of a classic but need something a little more imaginative, our Chill Covers Playlist is here to save the vibe. Full of eclectic reimaginings of songs you already love from new and rising artists, Chill Covers is perfect for dinner with the fam, working in a coffee shop, going for a scenic walk, or when you just need a little accompaniment to your daily life.

Craving even more chill and vibey playlists? Check out our Autumn Chill, Chill Electronic, and Groovy Vibes curated playlists, or follow us on Spotify to scroll through our entire catalog.


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