Cozy Playlists for the Holidays by Indiemono

Cozy Playlists for the Holidays by Indiemono
19th December 2022 Erin Wilborn

Hey friends and fiends! Hope you’re enjoying getting into the holiday spirit or at least trying to not get too overwhelmed with last-minute gift shopping (when in doubt, go for the candle). Whether you’ve been bopping to Christmas carols since the first week of December or are a little bit of a scrooge, we’re here to share some of our favorite playlists from our Spotify archive that have that magic touch of cheer and coziness and we think are perfect for this time of year. And for all you holiday haters out there, we’ve added some playlists totally free of any holiday references below for your listening pleasure. You can thank us later. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite Cozy Holiday Playlist by Indiemono below:

Christmas Indie 2022

If you’re a holiday song super fan but have worn yourself out listening to the classics already, this is the playlist for you. Holiday favorites get a new update with this selection of Christmas covers from your favorite indie singers. From Christmas Covers by The Shins to Phoebe Bridgers, Haim, and Julian Casablancas, this Christmas Indie Playlist really rejuvenates the whole genre in our humble opinion. Even all you scrooges out there might have some fun with this one! If you’re an Indie lover, putting on this playlist might just become a new holiday tradition. Yes, it really is that good.

Beautiful Piano Music Playlist

Ah, the piano. The instrument that might define the entire genre of Holiday music (other than the jingle bell and the woodblock, of course). Wistful, relaxing, and just plain beautiful, this playlist might not be specifically holiday music, but definitely fits the bill. If you need to offer an alternative to your Mom who’s got her Mariah Carey Merry Christmas album on repeat, try putting this one on for a more relaxing and calm vibe. From wrapping presents to making some homemade cookie dough, this Piano Playlist is perfect for when you need to add a touch of laid-back coziness to your holiday celebration.

Old Love Songs Playlist

This one might be a bit of a controversial choice at first glance, but hear us out for a minute! With ballads from old crooners like Frank Sinatra and Elvis and an eclectic mix of classic jazz, this playlist perfectly captures that cozy nostalgia that holiday music exudes – even if we did originally make this playlist for Valentine’s Day. If your coworker or your Christmas Carol-loving aunt has had Santa Baby on repeat just a little too long, put this on to give your ears a little break.

Best of 2022: New Indie/Alternative Playlist

If you’re reflecting on this past year that’s coming to a close this holiday season, let this playlist be your sonic guide. Fair warning: this playlist is a little more New Years oriented, but if you have some downtime during a trip home or during a long drive to visit relatives, this playlist is a great option to look back on or discover all the best Indie and Alternative music releases from this past year. It’s also a great way to get excited for all the amazing new music that’s going to be coming out in 2023, too! 

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