New Indie/Alternative December 2022 by Indiemono

New Indie/Alternative December 2022 by Indiemono
13th December 2022 Erin Wilborn

Is it December already? Maybe it was just us, but this last month seemed to fly by. We can’t believe that it’s already the last month of the year, but we aren’t going to lose our minds at the incomprehensible passage of time just yet. Besides, we have a brand new update to our curated NEW Indie/Alternative Spotify Playlist for December to keep away any existential dread! You know the drill: we’re gonna give you a little breakdown into our top 10 placements for the month, you follow and enjoy the latest and greatest indie hits before they’re even on your most pretentious friend’s radar. For the month of December, we’re vibing with mellow vocals, digital production elements, and artists that are ascending traditional genre models. Now onto the good stuff: 

Freedom – Jadu Heart

This track is definitely scratching our psych-rock cowboy itch. A yearnful, guitar-heavy ode to unrealized dreams and existential wishes, this trippy song is a call to ascend the shackles of a societally-accepted but hopelessly boring routine. If you’re looking for something to help you manifest rugged individualism before the New Year, you’ve met your match. The music video is the perfect psychedelic whimsical companion to this track too, so be sure to check it out below.

(I don’t want no job to keep me still)
(Meet me in the morning by the hill)
(Bury all your pictures and your bills)
(I’ll delete my number if you will)


CRÈME BRÛLÉE! – spill tab 

Moody, layered, and with a rebellious punky sound, this track by the LA-based multi-instrumentalist artist spill tab is a perfect channel for any lingering angst. Perfectly balancing the visceral and the ethereal, the smooth and dreamy voice of Claire Chicha provides a sonic backbone to this complex and genre-bending track.

But should I say I’m wrong for that? (For that)
Don’t wanna feel the back hand of whiplash
I’ll fantasize behind your back (your back)
Carve your name, eat you like crème brûlée, ah-ah-ah



feel good – Yot Club

If you’re looking for your next bedroom pop jam to hold you down for December, go ahead and save this track to your library. Another Tik Tok darling, Yot Club’s latest track fuses upbeat and funky synth layers with lyrics exploring sickness of the existential variety. Succinct and catchy, Yot Club might just have another viral hit on their hands with this song. Watch out for this as a trending audio in the coming months.

I don’t feel good like I should
I don’t feel good like I should, no
I don’t feel good like I should
I don’t feel good like I should, no



girls just wanna have sex – mazie

Rebellious, sensual, and an update on the classic on the Cindy Lauper classic for digital-age queerness, mazie’s latest track is a punky anthem for the girlies. This is the titular song on the breakout Tik Tok star’s latest EP, so be sure to listen to the rest of it if this track turned you into a mazie fan.

Get out of your head
Tell your man to drop dead
Get into my bed
Girls just wanna have sex



I Want You (To Be My Woman) [feat. DOPE LEMON] – Winston Surfshirt

Mellow, groovy, and sensual, this track is here to give you your indie R&B fix. If you’re looking for the perfect vibey track to have on repeat this winter, this track should be your new go-to. Winston Surfshirt is about to drop a new album as well, and you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for what’s next for this rising artist. 


girlfriend – hemlocke springs

This 80’s inspired track from Tik Tok star hemlocke springs is singlehandedly keeping away our seasonal depression this month. Upbeat, witty, and singularly unique, you might have already heard some of this song as trending audio, but the whole track is worth a deep dive. We’re also huge fans of the music video, so be sure to check it out below.

You say, “I want to be your girlfriend”
It wasn’t really in my plans
When you’re around, I got arrhythmia
So in the end, I play pretend



Baby Benzing – Eli Smart

With surf rock-inspired guitar riffs and mellow vocals, Eli Smart’s latest track is perfect for harnessing the ease of a spontaneous road trip no matter how hectic your holiday schedule gets. Hailing from Kauai, Hawai, Smart’s easy, laidback sonic musings on the Aloha Soul record are catching.  

I got a big imagination
Got a big imagination
It’s a sticky situation
I got a big imagination


444 – Ambar Lucid

Angel numbers! This infectious, psychedelic house-inspired track is a huge genre shift from Ambar Lucid’s usual dream folk sound, but we definitely aren’t mad about it. With reggaeton-inspired beats and the New Jersey singer’s vocal prowess, we’ll be grooving to this dance track all December.


DRIVING – Stevan 

An ode to the passion of long-distance romance, this latest track from Stevan is as masterfully produced as it is vulnerable. Mixed in with the laid-back vocals and catchy hooks there’s an endearing naivete to Stevan’s lyricism reminiscent of the plight of young love. We definitely expect to see big things from this up-and-coming artist in the New Year.

200km no you don’t live close to me
But I’d still pop in to see
What we could be lady
Drive and save me
In my car playlist popping
You are my only option babe


itch – quinnie

With dreamy vocals, folk-inspired guitar rhythms, and emotionally exposed lyricism, this track from quinnie muses on the indecisiveness that comes with deciding to act (or not to act) on a big crush. If you find yourself being crushed by a crush this holiday season, this track will get you through it. And the music video is pretty stunning, too.

What if I never scratched another itch for the rest of my life?
Would I die satisfied knowing it could always get better than this?


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