Pelorus – Alive · Indie Alternative

Pelorus – Alive · Indie Alternative
23rd May 2017 Dam

A month old in Spotify and Pelorus is breaking the streaming concept with more than 40.000 streams with his debut: Alive. It was an instant crush for us – a song that seems built for playlists like Sad Songs. Before telling you more about him, here’s the song you need to listen:

Just out of the oven, Pelorus jumped into Spotify’s Fresh Finds and started gaining importance during the month. The song is peaceful and sad at the same time – the kind of sound that we love most. There is a similarity with one of our favourite songs; the undiscovered song by Folly And The Hunter ‘Mask’, both captivating with a deep and beautiful sound. He also reminds Old Sea Brigade and Novo Amor, but he’s definitely defining a very personal touch.

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