10 Playlists to Be Together In The Distance – Sountrack of a Quarantine

10 Playlists to Be Together In The Distance – Sountrack of a Quarantine
15th March 2020 Dam

Hi there, let’s talk a bit. Yeah please sit, you’re home.

Well I am. I’m writing in my sofa and the sun is smooth, warming up the fingers of my feet. My cat is lying here too, she watches the birds and yawns. Okay we’re a bit bored, we’ve been here 5 days already. So please let’s act like we’re in the same room now, I don’t want to be lonely today.

Maybe we can be alone together?

This virus everyone is talking about is turning the world upside down, and with the situation, comes some isolation. Forgive us for taking this deep personal approach, but this is the perfect opportunity to talk – you might be surprised that behind a bunch of playlists, it’s only us. Two guys in Madrid, a quiet city we don’t recognise today. The situation here in Spain is becoming serious, so we’re staying home and making the best of the time. Again and as usually, doing the best we do: some playlists. And it’s fine, let’s prepare to fight this together and be entertained, creative and strong.

We want to recommend you 10 of our own playlists to help you out in these strange days.  Here you go:


1. To keep up the good mood, some good vibes and happy songs!

Probably one of the most important things to do these days is to face your day with a smile. It’s okay if you’re not able to hold it 24/7, but it helps, specially if you’re living this quarantine with family. We send you the most positive energy through our Happy Songs Playlist.


2. We have to insist on the happy vibes.

We found out that our friends (surprising, but most of them listen to our playlists!) have a different take on the playlists that make them happy. This is only another version, our Happy Vibes. We discovered these days that starting bad and dragging the horse around makes you miserable if you’re locked up at home. So here’s this one, give it a go!


3. And if you’re down, let yourself be down for a moment.

There’s a time for everything, and being sad is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, some crying relieves a lot of tension. So here’s a playlist to enjoy that too, in a small dose – Sad and I don’t care.


4. Enjoy the views and take your time just to sit and chill.

You’ll find beauty in things you didn’t notice before – like the sleeping city, more awake than ever. The little lights outside your window or your rooftop. Let the incredible views of the world take you, just for a bit during the day. Psychedelic Lights in My Rooftop.


5. You’ll find time to finally clean up – and that’s good news!

It’s incredible but I find a special feeling of peace of mind by cleaning up and tidying around. No more excuses now. Like they say, A Clean House, a Clean Mind”. Cleaning Room With Happy Music here.


6. Just having a coffee can be incredible.

The routine, like waking up and have a coffee, might help you find some order. Don’t lose the little things that keep you balanced. Find some time to disconnect and take shelter in that. Have a coffee like it’s your own Coffee Shop.


7. Yes, there’s time to party as well!

We need to detach from the pressure somehow, and dancing and jumping around might help you out too. Dance like it’s the party of your life, and do that in your living room with your loved ones. Find your playlist for that, but just in case, here’s ours: Indie Playlist to Dance All Night.


8. What we have in common, why we’re fighting for.

Remember what we are fighting for. It’s not about a country, an ideology or the conspiracies about this situation. There’s something that makes us stick together and fight for something in common. Every one of us live in the same place, a wonderful and amazing world that we need to protect. Here’s to remember: The Songs Of Earth.


9. The essential: the people we love.  

Feel the warmth of your loved ones, even if they’re not with you right now. A call, a message, a video conference – everything helps on taking us together. I bet you never felt that close to them even being far and isolated. And I also bet you haven’t noticed the much you need that warmth. We keep betting for the beauty in this world. As Beautiful As It Sounds.


10. And the most important, LOVE.

And if you’re feeling lonely anyway, play this and think about the amount of people that is listening to the same playlist just like you. Here’s a hug.


To finish with this list, there’s something else (maybe what we’re most excited to show you).
We’ve given you 10 reasons to hold on with music. But there are million reasons to keep fighting and we want to know your take.

Send us your reasons (songs!) through the posts in Facebook and Instagram and we’ll try to add them all to our Quarantine All Together playlist.


Thank you ♡

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