5 Awesome Songs For Your Weekend Sountrack!

5 Awesome Songs For Your Weekend Sountrack!
25th October 2019 Dam

It’s Friday and weekend is all over us! There’s time for dancing plans, chill with friends or play video games till your fingers hurt. Any plan you choose, we’ve got music recommendations for you to give sound to your weekend with the best tracks. Here’s a list of music for your Friday discovery, different genres and in no particular order:


1_ Love Me Like a Friend – Flight By Midnight

When we discovered Fly By Midnight going through our box of music to check, we couldn’t really believe the quality of their sound. They have some of the greatest retro touches we’ve found in their genre. Take that and mix it up with super fresh sounds that are top quality on the industry right now. They fit all party playlists and this one is an example. Love Me Like A Friend tries to give an uplifting view to problems and solve them by dancing. Take a taste here or in Spotify.

Let Fly By Midnight take you for a ride with their youtube channel packed with music and video coolness. They’re addicting to watch and might give you an idea or two for your parties.

2_ Gonna Move by Parsa Sirjani

So the weekend is here and you have to warm up your moves. Here’s a brand new artist for you to be aware of. It’s his debut as Parsa Sirjani with Gonna Move — and we love it. There’s this potential of reaching the stars with his electronic danceable style.

Just play and dance – don’t worry, we won’t tell you’re dancing in the office.


3_Falling Asleep by Tiz Mcnamara

We have just the right song to give music to the perfect night in the woods with a warm fire, friends and a guitar. Let Tiz Mcnamara do the part with Falling Asleep – and after that, jump into his repertoire of smooth vocals and big themes. For now, you’ve got this amazing view of Toronto while you take a listen to Falling Asleep.

You might find it fitting for you, in his words he creates “sad songs for happy people“, which is definitely us.

4_Feel Good by Cadmium & Grant Dawson

Destroy your books and let the flow get you with the pure good vibes of Feel Good. This collaboration from Cadmium and Grant Dawson is the song you might need today to cheer up – or you can visit both their profiles to get their music into your system. But for now take a look to their video too – really cute:

Cadmium is a fine producer with a ton of music to discover – and Grant‘s vocals are powerful and clean, don’t miss them.

4_Buscarte by Xcelencia

Let’s get sexy with some latin vibes. We’ve got some ideas to fit this song in your weekend – sensual lyrics and rhythms like this is what the urban latin panorama (and all of us!) need. Let Xcelencia take you there; he’s one of the greatest and with best projection in the genre that we know of.

This song is part of a big project he’ll be releasing soon! You really don’t want to miss it.

With this said – enjoy your weekend folks!

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