Miss Shiney by Kaiit, neo-soul to melt your ears

Miss Shiney by Kaiit, neo-soul to melt your ears
25th July 2019 Dam

We don’t talk enough about the songs in our Indie/Alternative playlist, so here we go.

Some people imagine that the content has to be the classic folky tune for a cabin in the woods experience – but here’s an example of what we believe is good and relevant for the alternative heads out there.

We suggest you to take a look to Kaiit, an amazing woman with tremendous lyrics and a real genuine sound. In her own words for an interview on wonderland, she declared that ‘Miss Shiney’ is about going through writer’s block due to self-doubt and not trusting myself and the process. (…) This track is more of a reminder for me, something I listen to when I’m trippin’ and need something to remind me that I got this! You that girl, and people heal from my words!”
We decided that this song was part of the 80 slots immediately. 

Here’s the colorful and fantastic video of Miss Shiney by Kaiit:

And here’s where you can find her – along with another 79 excellent artists you have to have on your radar. Keep updated on monthly Indie/Alternative music with much more than banjos and straw hats! Here’s the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

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