Lately, the sound of loneliness by Rival and Conor Byrne

Lately, the sound of loneliness by Rival and Conor Byrne
22nd February 2019 Dam

There’s a side of electronic pop that is the answer to a new wave of artists that want to shine in sound and vocals – with a twist. You can find yourself deep down into Latelywhere melancholy, beauty and peace find themselves and harmonise with your soul.

After the amazing response of Thinking About YouRival teams up with Conor Byrne to create a piece that you will be singing in your head after your first listen. The production side from the hand of Rival is full of skill and a breath of fresh air into the genre. Conor Byrne shines, his voice is beautiful and deep, really easy and smooth – we’ll be keeping an ear for him in the future.

Here’s a video of this brand new release:


As collaborators for this piece we’re extremely honoured by the response of this song. It has been included into New Music Friday UK and a bunch of specialised EDM blogs like, EDMTUNES, YOUREDM, Edm Junkies, Thissongslaps and others like thissongissickThe Music ElkBittersweetsymphonics and many more.

You can find Lately in all platforms here.

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