A Valentine’s Day Crush: Queen Without a Crown

A Valentine’s Day Crush: Queen Without a Crown
14th February 2019 Dam

When it’s about love, you can really feel the pain in the room when a voice breaks singing about it.

We had the chance to attend the presentation of this song the night before releasing. The artist was talking on the stage, fun and close to the audience, smiling while he talked about the song he was about to play. Then he started playing the guitar and suddenly transformed into a different person, diving deep into the song with a sudden incredible singing voice. There was this deep silence while he was playing; every one of us were thinking about our past, the love we found, the love we lost. The show was short but brilliant, so we wanted to share him with you.

We’ve met Dan Millson when his career is blossoming; his project is all about power and goosebumps. British but raised in Spain, his influences range from the folky sounds of Mumford & Sons through to more emerging artists on the scene such as Tom Walker and Lewis Capaldi. Dan launched his first EP “Little Box of Treasures” back in 2017 and since then has released the single “Shine a Light” in 2018, penned for the advertising campaign for the National Transport Department.

His intense and emotional live show, just him and his guitar, has enabled him to be one of the ones to watch on the indie folk scene in Spain, performing more than 50 concerts in this short period. Playing in different countries in Europe including Italy, UK and Sweden where Dan was the only artist to perform 4 showcase concerts at Live at Heart Festival. 2019 marks the beginning of this new chapter with more music on the way.

Queen Without a Crown is released in Valentine’s Day 2019,  and this is a brief comment from the artist about it:

"There is love at first sight, there is childhood sweetheart love, there is obsessive love, the possibilities are endless.  No matter how love initiates and blossoms, every experience is valid, and we are always learning about ourselves and others.  However, after all the high and low points, there is mutual understanding, there is a bond that’s unexplainable, there is an agreement that only those two hearts understand."


You can listen to this song in every available store here.
Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤


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