NEW Indie/Alternative July 2022 by Indiemono 🌞🏄

NEW Indie/Alternative July 2022 by Indiemono 🌞🏄
12th July 2022 sandra

We present you the monthly update of our playlist NEW Indie/Alternative: July 2022. Happy summer! 🌞Remember that you can always find our indie/alternative playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

We want to thank you for submitting your music to us. Also, if you were not selected, don’t despair! Art is just a matter of personal preferences ☺️

1. GOOD TIMES – Jungle

Jungle have returned with two tracks ‘Good Times’ and ‘Problemz’. These two songs are Jungle‘s first new material since the release of their third studio album ‘Loving In Stereo’ last summer. Both songs have disco-funk attributes but while Good Times has a soulful appeal, its b-side ‘Problemz’ also shows more of an intimate side.

Good times (don’t you leave me now)
You’ll find (ooh-ooh)
Good times (got me crying out)


2. Mercury – Steve Lacy

‘Mercury’ is the introduction to Steve Lacy’s incoming album – ‘Gemini Rights’ which will come out this summer. This release is clearly influenced by a bossa nova and Latin jazz style 🎺

I’m a myth and I’m a legend
Whom never wins
And might not ever play again
Keep falling in (keep falling in, yeah)


3. To be honest – L’objectif

This young band just released their EP We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might’, and this new tune ‘To Be Honest’ sounds reminiscent of early 00’s indie rock with deep vocals that could be reminiscent of The Smiths, one of the biggest music influences for the singer.

And if in time I change my mind
it’s got a nice ring to it
I find but I can’t give you a straight promise oh


4. Cracker Island – Gorillaz ft Thundercat

Gorillaz comes back with this new feature that includes elements of funk, electro-pop, and new wave.

On Cracker Island it was born
To the collective of the dawn
They were planting seeds at night
To grow a made-up paradise


5. No Worries, Yes Worries – Scoobert Doobert

No Worries Yes Worries is a genreless track that includes elements of pop and drum and bass. It talks about mental health problems, anxiety, and being on an emotional rollercoaster and it’s part of this new EP “Koan C”


6. Gummy – Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph Cook comes back with his trademark style turning deep emotions into catchy pop anthems. Cook cites Nintendo soundtracks, ’80s discos, and TV jingles as base influences for his tracks 🕺

Got it, she rock it
She keep it in the pocket
Man, I’m never falling out of time
Her beauty and her drive, a hundred fifty mile per hour

7. Loneliness – Ginger Root

Ginger Root comes back with a catchy song featuring a nostalgic retro sound reminiscent of the ’80s. The paired visuals tell the story of an unsuccessful tv star. Ginger Root’s new album ‘Nisemono’ will come out in September of this year. Stay tuned!

Gone with your lying
Sayin’ it ain’t it
Oh, loneliness
You know why


8. Flem – KALI

Flem is the first track of Kali’s new EP ‘Maltman and Effie’. This one is a fuzzy ballad that talks about that bittersweet feeling of having an unrequited love interest.

Maybe you’ll remember me
In a week, in a week
Well, maybe you’ll try to forget me
Pretend we didn’t meet


9. sun keeps on shining – almost monday

This is the perfect kick-off for summer. Because no matter what happens the sun keeps on shining and there will always be something to be happy for in our lives.

You can sit at home or you can take a ride
You can get a tan or stay inside
But the sun keeps on shining, woo


10. Fast Lane – J4

There’s nothing better for summer than a carefree garage anthem to sing out loud with our friends!


These are just the top 10 placements but you can always follow our playlist for monthly updates on the best new indie/alternative music!

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