New Indie/Alternative November 2022 by Indiemono 🍂

New Indie/Alternative November 2022 by Indiemono 🍂
8th November 2022 Erin Wilborn

Heyyyy, did you miss us? We’re back back back again with our latest and greatest update for November 2022 on our curated NEW INDIE/ALTERNATIVE Spotify Playlist. You know the deal: we’re sharing our top 10 placements that we’ll have on repeat all through November below. This month we’re especially vibing with indie songs with mellow, acoustic twists as we’re settling into some real cozy fall vibes. 

Briston Maroney – Oregon

The former American Idol star and current Tik Tok sensation is expanding on his body of work with this new upbeat indie-rock single. Hopeful, bright, and ripe with catchy lyrics and guitar riffs, this track is a welcome pivot from Maroney’s more raw and emotional hit Freakin’ Out On The Interstate.

If you knew how crazy I was for youSurely, you would let me inThere is hope inside itYou just have to find itThen your life, it will begin


AUTO – Stevan

This layered, textural, and genre-bending track from Stevan explores the positive angles much-needed breakup. Upbeat, catchy, and with a fair amount of lyrical wit, this track is an upbeat ode to the art of letting negativity go.

You put on a simile for awhile
But believe I see
Right through the fakery
Let you go so I feel free
Now you’re just a memory


October Passed Me By – girl in red

Known for her poignant lyrics and acoustic production elements, the Norwegian musician Marie Ulven Ringheim’s project girl in red is back with another tender and emotional track. Exploring themes of intimacy, queerness, and heartbreak, this track is there for you if the changing of the season is making you feel nostalgic for a past love.

I met you at the wrong time, didn’t wanna seeI was busy with the stars, you were looking at meFor better or for worse, I don’t know, but for what it’s worth


Get Inspired – Genesis Owusu 

Clever, unrelenting, and with plenty of groovy basslines, Genesis Owusu is back with another banger. If you’re looking for some cool visuals to put on for your friends at your next kickback, def check out the post-apocalyptic Official Visualizer for this track. 

Can’t be sitting gentle in the stormYou gotta move thatI been busy breaking down the wallsI’m getting through thatGirl, this ain’t my final curtain callI bet you knew that


i haunt ur dreams – hey, nothing

Despite its upbeat acoustic sound and bright chorus, this latest single from the Atlanta band hey, nothing is an ode to getting ghosted. There’s definitely a unique sting that comes with being ghosted, but this track playfully offers haunting as a perfectly good response to rejection — literally or metaphorically. 

You don’t see me walk through the wallsAnd you’re ignoring all my callsI’m haunting youI’m haunting you


BAD FRUIT* – Jean Dawson, Earl Sweatshirt

Soft harmonies, finger-picking guitar licks, and string accompaniment impart Jean Dawson’s latest release BAD FRUIT* with genre-transcending complexity. All the tracks on Dawson’s newly released album CHAOS NOW* are just as intricate and innovative, so if you like this one you should definitely give the album a listen.

I’m just a little tornado in the sunshineClick your heels, run on golden bricksI’m just a little moon running from the sunriseMake the waves crash, hide behind my only friend


Nu Me Nu Yu – Bad Sounds

This psychedelic track from Bad Sounds is a pivot from the sound of the other songs on our Top 10 indie tracks for this month, but we’re vibing with this synth-heavy song either way. Check out the official video below for a unique visual guide to this trippy track. 

Me and you
we’re gonna be brand new
And we’re gonna shine through
Shine through


wide eyed – JAWNY

With punchy lyrics, funky guitar licks, and dynamic and expansive vocals, this track from Utah musician JAWNY explores the desperate and obsessive side of entertaining an unrequited crush. To get a further taste of JAWNY’s signature quirkiness and irreverence, check out the music video for wide eyed below.

The wide eyed tongue tied, three, fourHey, you got my heart in a holster, babeI wanna live in your goddamn veinsIf that’s okay, yeah 



There’s something a bit unsettling about this single from the self-produced artist MIA GLADSTONE, but that’s all part of the fun. Known and loved for her use of sonic distortion and intense psychedelic visuals, this is the perfect track to dip your toes into the cinematic universe of MIA GLADSTONE. 

It’s no pressureI’ll send an open letterTo my loverMeet me in the meadow


French Blonde – Joe P

Dark, moody, and full of spooky dissonant chords, TikTok darling Joe P’s latest release French Blonde is an example of an artist in complete control of their sound. There are another eight tracks on the French Blonde EP, so feel free to do a deep dive into his work if you’re into this indie rock track. 

It’s broken, in piecesBut here comes another oneIt’s staining your teeth, butWe’ll buy you whiter ones


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