Poetry, martial arts and music production – a Munboi Banana Interview

Poetry, martial arts and music production – a Munboi Banana Interview
21st July 2022 sandra
Munboi banana interview

MUNBOI an artist, producer and audio engineer from a small town just outside of London. Check out his music right here

You started writing poetry and, later on, those poems turned into lyrics. How do you think this process of creating music differentiates you from other musicians?

I believe my songwriting style has separated me from other artists as my lyrics draw from real situations or real emotions which allows me to be more poetic upon the perspective I hold about that specific topic. Starting the way I did, allowed me to break down my songwriting to bring clear reference to the story I’m trying to tell, but also with a level of mystery allowing my lyrics to be open for interpretation. Poems also expanded my mind on advanced songwriting with rhyming by using poetic techniques such as assonance, couplets or enjambment, to create complex rhymes. Ultimately poems showed me there are no rules for writing anything, even songwriting but if you reach outside the box you’re bound to find something that works for you. For example, D Double rhyming the same word a million times but it’s fire.


You went to music university. Did learning music theory help you? Would you recommend it?

I realized my songwriting was my strongest feature before uni even though I wanted to focus on the production to be able to make my own tracks and not rely on youtube, therefore I needed guidance and I would say uni gave me that guidance before the theory. The theory side helped me to understand the cogs behind the machine on how music production works like how to make a catchy track with instruments as well as vocals. Followed by additional knowledge on things like melody and arrangement within layers. I would say the most valuable thing about uni though more so than the theory, is the people. I learned more from musicians and other producers than I did from my lecturers. Sometimes your homies can take you further than your teacher


Do you believe music can help change people’s lives, giving them a sense of direction or perspective?

Music is a universal language that talks to every individual differently and it definitely is a cure for every emotion we feel. If you are feeling sad pop on some sad music, feeling happy pop on some happy vibes. As humans, we look to relate in every move we make and music allows us to connect with others instantly, it’s strangely satisfying to know you aren’t alone and someone else has felt your pain or your joy. From what I have experienced it can give the people something to believe in and evolve a community of like-minded individuals that have similar goals. If people have something to believe in their whole life can change this brings use for inspiration and motivation to achieve something and what better than the cure. So to sum it up yes of course the creation or listening to of music 90% of the time will help shine light onto a new sense of direction or perspective. Music has influenced mankind for thousands of years and will do so for thousands of years to come.


You are also into boxing. Do you think that this helps you in any way in creating new music? (discipline, focus…)

I’m actually into Martial Arts as a whole. Its been a part of my life since I was young as my dad was a Kickboxing instructor and from about 6 it was a natural part of my life and as I got older I just fell into other martial arts like Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing. It definitely gives me a sense of focus and the ability to have a more stoic approach to life by taking the emotions out of the bag and leaving my emotions at the door because as soon as you step into that ring it has to be 100% clarity if you let your feelings come into play you have already lost. Alongside the self-discipline to push yourself that little bit harder will take you further than talent. The will and drive to do better will make you or break you. It applies to life too as sometimes we got to keep pushing forward taking some hits but remaining calm and assessing the next move. As well as the discipline, your greatest enemy is yourself.


How do you picture yourself and your music career for this next year?

I picture myself doing some international shows and releasing a few more albums with some bigger names in the industry. Hopefully getting to travel to meet all the fans and create some vibes.


If you were an…animal?

Probably a squirrel because I’m always moving at 100mph an hour my mum always tells me to stop running

A picture of you as a kid

Munboi as a kid


What’s your favorite videogame?

Tough one but I would have to say Halo as it was the first video game I was really into and I grew up with the releases of the whole series. And in all honesty, nothing can beat a couple of mountain dews, spicy Doritos, and 4-player split-screen with the boys. Although Battlefield 4 and COD 5: WAW (for zombies) come close.


Worst criticism you’ve ever received

I’ve been called all the names in the book by now hahaha but my favorite was a one from a few years ago and they said I was a BTEC rapper that’s career amounts to the height of Hasbulla hahahahaha

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