Adventures in the middle of nowhere – a Liush Banana Interview

Adventures in the middle of nowhere – a Liush Banana Interview
17th February 2022 sandra
Liush banana interview

What made you move to Berlin? Any recommended spots there?

The diversity of the people and the fact I can be and do whatever I want 😉


Please, name 5 of your favorite things from Israel

Foooddd! The best Hummus! The desert, the fact it’s a tiny country and you can change your view in no time! The straightforward approach! (could be too much sometimes but I love it most of the times ) and my niece and nephews! ( 14 of them actually )


We’ve heard you are working on a new album. Could you tell us more about it?

Yes ! I’m going for a one-week recording adventure in the middle of nowhere with a good friend with a car packed with equipment and good vibes :)(the first day is on April first, hope you still believe me ) The main goal for me it’s to come prepared but not too much! I want to leave some space for creation during this week and to trust myself in the moment . whatever comes comes and that’s the beauty of music 🙂


What can we expect from the new project and what have you learned during the process of crafting it?

Still learning first of all haha 🙂 i’m more into don’t expect anything and you will be surprised. you might like it or hate it let’s see 🙂 I’m still learning haha.. but one thing i can noticed is- a mix of simple/straightforward lyrics melodies in some of the songs and the others are more complex in sound lyrics etc . i didn’t planed that actually but the fact I’m trying to be open and give the space for any idea that comes up 🙂



If you were a… type of plant?


Send us a picture as a kid


Your first email address – the first and still . a good idea i’m getting older and older ! yeyyy


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