How to write a good pitch for indie curators

How to write a good pitch for indie curators
27th January 2022 sandra
Indie Curators

In our last blog, we talked about how to write a decent pitch for Spotify curators but, in this one, we want to talk about how to write it for independent curators.

1. Send it once it’s released

This might sound obvious but independent curators receive too many songs. If they like it, they will add it to their playlists instantly. They’ll rarely set a reminder for it.

2. Keep it relevant & straightforward

One sentence or two are enough. The pitches that people send on Instagram are usually too long and contain information that is not important.

3. Which info should I include?

  • Mood
  • Genre
  • Tiny description of the song

4. Follow the curator’s rules

If they ask you to fill in a form or send them through and specific platform, do it! Sneaking and trying to send them messages is a really bad idea. They usually get angrier.

Good pitch practices

Genre & description:

What’s the song about? What does it evoke? What’s the genre? Try using different adjectives.

Keep it short & original

This is like an advertisement for your song. If they receive hundreds of messages ask yourself how can you stand out?

Mention their playlist

Try to check their playlists beforehand to know which one of them could be a good fit.


Thank you very much for reading us! We wish you the best of luck on your release and we encourage you to follow us on Instagram, where we are adding resources and tips constantly. And if your song wasn’t chosen, don’t worry. You can always submit your music to us 🙂

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