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  • Mar072023
    An indie queen blowing smoke.

    Five Indie Queens That Will Rule Your Playlist

    A vocal range that can go as high as pop music allows, and as low as soft jazz can embrace.…

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  • May102022

    Useful apps for musicians

    We have collected a list of mobile apps for musicians: from songwriting to production and habit trackers. Inspiration can occur…

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  • Apr272022
    spotify for artists indiemono

    Tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist

    Here’s a quick collection of tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist and maybe get an editorial…

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  • Apr222022

    Songs about the earth – Earth day 🌱

    Today is International Earth Day and we want to celebrate it with music, as always. On this occasion, we are…

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  • Apr212022

    3 Social Media Usages For Musicians

    Social Media has three main usages for musicians. If you want to build and maintain an online audience, you need…

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  • Mar312022

    Tips on how to build discipline as a musician

    We’ve all have been there: You feel bad because you didn’t practice or you didn’t start creating new songs but…

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  • Mar162022

    Impostor syndrome on musicians

    What is impostor syndrome? Do you constantly feel like you’re not good enough? Do you think that other musicians have…

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  • Mar092022
    Promoting a single on social media

    How to promote your single on social media

    If you are about to release your new song, here you have some quick tips to promote your single on…

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  • Feb232022
    NFT for musicians explained

    NFTs for musicians (and for dummies) by Xcelencia

    Since we’re no experts on NFTs for musicians and we wanted to give you the best information and advice, we’ve…

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  • Feb172022
    Local Indie Artist

    How to support your local indie artists (online edition)

    We always talk about how important is to support your local artist’s music. But how could we do this on…

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