How to support your local indie artists (online edition)

How to support your local indie artists (online edition)
17th February 2022 sandra
Local Indie Artist

We always talk about how important is to support your local artist’s music. But how could we do this on social media? Here you’ve some tips:


1. Share their music with the Instagram Music Sticker

Even If you don’t have a large following, getting someone to listen to their song for 15 seconds could help potential listeners to discover new music.

2. Pre-save/save their songs

You might think that pre-saving a song doesn’t make any difference but it does. Spotify takes into account the number of saves as an indicator of how many people are interested in the release. The saves are collected on release day and it helps to increase the engagement of the song, one of the parameters that Spotify considers for the algorithmic playlists.

Presave preadd


3. Add their songs to your personal playlists

Spotify also keeps in mind how many playlists an artist was added to, just like the saving metric.

4. Save & share their posts on social media

Social Media algorithms are constantly changing but these are the tools that help the most when trying to create buzz around a post.

5. Don’t forget to follow them on Spotify

The monthly listeners metric is important but the number of followers is even more relevant when it comes to measuring engagement.

Thank you very much for reading us! We wish you the best of luck on your release and we encourage you to follow us on Instagram, where we are constantly adding resources and tips. And if your song wasn’t chosen, don’t worry. You can always submit your music to us 🙂

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