How to promote your single on social media

How to promote your single on social media
9th March 2022 sandra
Promoting a single on social media

If you are about to release your new song, here you have some quick tips to promote your single on social media. And if you’re really interested in this topic, stay tuned to our blog. This is just a quick summary, we will write about this topic in depth in the near future.


1. Announce it ahead of time

Give enough time for people to know you’re going to release a single. The more importance you give to something, the more important people will think it is.

Announcing it 10 days in advance is a good choice. The ideal time would be between 1 week to 2 weeks. Keep in mind that you need to keep your followers informed but you don’t need to overwhelm them or they will end up hating your new song.


2. Animated visual content

We know you’re a musician and not a film director but the algorithms boost video content on social media.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Use subtitles (they increase the attention)
  • Use vertical and horizontal formats correctly (it’s easier to get viral on reels with vertical content)
  • Good lighting and a high quality is essential for the algorithms to boost your content
  • Keep your videos short if you’re using Reels or Tik Tok (30 to 45 secs is ideal)


3. Use Tik Tok

We are not sure that posting your music video will be useful on Tik Tok. Other contents work great there (challenges, live snippets, storytelling…). The key to captivating the viewers on Tik Tok is to promote your music without seeming to promote it.

If you’re interested in learning more about promoting music on Tik Tok and the best practices for this platform, leave us a comment.

4. Use FB ads

Yes. Playlists are cool (a little biased here) but FB ads increase your chances to engage casual listeners and turn them into followers. They also help you on building a community and support, not only for one song but for future releases. You can also use websites like Toneden or Hyperfollow to set up the campaigns. You can also read more about conversion and traffic ads here.


5. Get in contact with an influencer

If you feel like your song is a good fit for Tik Tok or any other social media platform, you could contact an influencer to make a deal with them so they could promote your song to their followers. There are a lot of platforms that could help you with this. Submithub is an example.


If you also want to pitch your song to indie curators, follow these steps 

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