Tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist

Tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist
27th April 2022 sandra
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Here’s a quick collection of tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist and maybe get an editorial playlist placement.

1. Release on a consistent basis

This will create a snowball effect in your algorithms, you will also maintain your follower’s attention and it will help you to build a community. A good release flow could be one single per month or every two months. Of course, the quality has to be good.

2. Fill in your bio with similar artists

This will help the algorithms to build playlists based on your description and your potential listeners. Editorial curators might also check out this information to place your songs in the best playlist considering your music style.

3. Create artist playlists for your releases

Artists’ playlists are a great tool to connect better with your fans through music. They will probably like to know who were your inspirations for your latest release or your favorite songs. It’s also a great tool to help the Spotify algorithms to link your music to similar artists and get an idea of your fans’ taste.

4. Use Chartmetric to study other artists and curators

Chartmetric is a great tool to discover playlists where your music could be a good fit. It can be used to search for certain songs and see their most streamed playlists. This is a great way to check out similar artists and reach out to the curators that are promoting their singles.

5. Don’t ever pay for streams. It will end up hurting your career

Basically, you will pay for bots streaming your music but if you want to learn more about why payola is a bunch of bs, check out this article.

6. Pitch to curators (like us)

Of course, we don’t want bots streaming our music but we want it to be discovered. You can use sites like Submithub to pitch your music to Spotify curators, Youtubers, or even Twitch Streams.

You can also submit your music to us for free.

7. Update the social media links on your profile

There are many listeners that check out the artists’ bio and want to know more about them. Linking your social media platforms is a great tool to increase your followers and create a community. Also, curators will take you more seriously if you have a complete and updated Spotify profile.

8. Share your release once per week for one month on stories

Yes, we know that you might think that you’re being too annoying and that this might backfire but how many stories and posts do you watch per day? don’t worry, people need reminders. We’re exposed to too much information and… your followers love you, right?

9. Make collabs with other artists

You will both get featured on the “Release Radar” playlist of both fanbases, which will boost the initial streams. When the autoplay feature is activated, the system will also link your profiles and it will recommend songs from both catalogs to each audience. You will also probably appear on “Fans also like..”

10. Keep your “Artist pick” up to date

So that when someone clicks on your profile, the latest single will be highlighted.



That was all for today! Stay tuned for more tips and resources! Thanks for reading us 😊

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