How to write a good pitch for Spotify to get into their editorial playlists

How to write a good pitch for Spotify to get into their editorial playlists
24th January 2022 sandra
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If you’re an artist, you probably already have filled in at least one editorial pitch form on Spotify for your singles, but we want to give you a few tips on how to optimize this presentation and make it more appealing for curators.

1. Send it at least 2 weeks prior to the release

It’s not compulsory. You can send it just one week before but If you give them more time, you’ll make sure that they have the time to listen.

2. Keep it relevant

Just like when you feel a bit lazy about reading long texts, curators feel the same way selecting stuff. It’s better to summarize the primary ideas and keep it simple. If they like the song, they will add it either way.

3. Fill in all the gaps

Spotify pitch

Spotify claims that these sections are optional but they are not. They are really relevant for the algorithm and curators in terms of positioning your music. They will help Spotify to classify your songs better, to make a better radio for your artist profile, and to keep the recommendations for your potential listeners relevant.

4. Don’t repeat info

After choosing the key characteristics of your song, you will be asked for a description. Don’t repeat the info that you already replied to on the previous questions. Seize this opportunity to add new relevant ideas.


Good pitch practices


What are your motives behind the song? What does it evoke? Use adjectives and descriptive sentences. We will always feel more related to an emotional experience than to something more technical. Remember that curators don’t have to be musicians. Try talking about memories instead of BPMs or production techniques.


What tools will you use? What is your budget? Pro tip: Mention that you will attract traffic to Spotify.

Social backing:

Was your song produced by a famous artist? Will you be featured on a famous radio program or TV? Will any famous magazines cover your release?


Thank you very much for reading us! We wish you the best of luck on your release and we encourage you to follow us on Instagram, where we are adding resources and tips constantly. And if your song wasn’t chosen, don’t worry. You can always submit your music to us 🙂

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